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'Discover the Four Simple Step System That Virtually GUARANTEES You'll Make Money Within 30 Days, Or We'll Send You $100 Just For Wasting Your Time!' Misha Wilson, CEO and Founder

Shortcut #1: The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused in digital marketing? Have you ever felt as if you’re being pulled in too many different directions at once? If so, the Profit Boosting Bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need and is the solution to this problem. SAN will give you every tactic, strategy, and system Mischa Wilson use in order to grow his business and create maximal results in minimal time, all packaged up in bitesized pieces of training designed to take you from point A to point B WITHOUT all the overwhelm.

Shortcut #2: Your Own “Done For You” Lead Machine

Not only will Mischa teach you EXACTLY how to setup your own lead machine in the profit boosting bootcamp, he’ll also GIVE YOU his ‘done for you’ lead machine that’s tested and proven to convert traffic into leads at 49%+, yours ready to use as your own starting as soon as you join! This is the exact lead machine Mischa used to generate over 50,000 leads last year and it’s all yours instantly ready.

Shortcut #3: earn Maximum Commissions

Not only are you going to receive a done for you lead generation machine, I’ll also give multiple products to promote, with multiple done for you up-sells, and multiple high ticket offers! This will allow you to unlock multiple streams of residual income, and high ticket commissions, allowing you to enjoy the life-changing benefits of more time, freedom, and money that comes along with having a fully optimized profit pulling machine!

Shortcut #4: our Systematic Profits

Along with your done for you lead machine and done for you offers, you’re also going to receive done for you multi-channel followup that will result in systematic and repeat $33, $43, $300, $1,000, and $3,000 commissions, all without you EVER having to lift a finger. SAN’s copywriter will write the e-mails, Mischa will host the webinars, and our team will close the sales. You just sit back and watch them roll in. The fortune TRULY is in the followup, and with “Systematic Profits”, all of your followup will be done for you by Mischa and his team of 6 figure earners!

WHY the 'Super Affiliate Network'?

Discover Why We Choose this system in Digital Marketing
"Free Up Your Time To Do The Things You Love!"

How does $27k in your first nine weeks with 'The Super Affiliate Network' sound? Karen Richardson is basking in the joy of taking control of her life, she's gone from a stay at home mum with two small children, feeling lost and disheartened, to a dynamic, inspirational entrepreneur that is growing her income week by week and predicts she will be a seven figure earner within the next 12-18 months. This could be your story soon, with SAN's system and the passion to succeed, you can set a goal and enjoy it unfolding.

  • REASON # 1... A system for everyone

    Most people starting out in Online Marketing very quickly realized there are so many components to building a digital marketing that they soon fall into overwhelm. With 'one on one' coaching, along with our step by step bootcamp training, you're assured to stay out of overwhelm & get into profit mode as quickly as humanly possible.

  • reason # 2.. When you want to quit your job

    Employment isn't as stable as it once was and few people stay in the same job for life. Today we need to constantly update our digital skills to remain current. There's also a mentality with employers that fulfilling your job description isn't enough, if you're not starting earlier, finishing later and going over and above your role you will be replaced by someone that will. Why push yourself beyond the limits to create someone else's dreams when you can use that time to train and build your own business that can demand a fraction of your time for an uncapped income

  • reason # 3.. Live the Laptop Lifestyle

    With this system all you need is your laptop and an internet connection to keep it running. Why stay housebound when your new business can allow you the freedom to work from the beach, a hotel, a relative or friends home or at the local park?

  • reason # 4.. Use your free time to follow your passion

    If you yearn to spend your time being creative but can't because of work commitments, our 'done for you' system can completely change things around. With only a few hours per day your digital business can be earning you a great income while you pursue the things you love. Life is brief, why use your life doing someone else's bidding when you can be in charge of your own business, time and income.


Dedicated to your success
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Misha Wilson

Founder & CEO
Misha created SAN after discovering a system that took him from broke to a six figure earner. He tested his system & found it worked on ‘rinse and repeat’ not only for him but anyone that tried it.
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Stacey Adams

Project Manager / Marketing
Stacey is passionate about helping anyone that wants to build their own online business and income in digital marketing.
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Sim Adams

Business Development / Financial Advisor
Sim works behind the scenes to constantly improve our system and service
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Dan Muscat

Business Advisor
Dan is our personal ‘one on one’ coach and one of the head coaches within The Super Affiliate Network. Dan’s knowledge and patience with all his students is a rare find and a contributing factor for why so many students within SAN are flourishing.


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