Forgiveness is Your Greatest Power

No one can free you from your anger, hurt, resentment and pain other than you.

You have a choice to live with the toxicity of your hurts for the rest of your life or to let them go.

Forgiveness isn’t an easy thing to do, not when you living with your pain and anger constantly, but once you decide you want to be free, then comes the decision, do you forgive and let go, do you try to forget your hurt, do you confront the other person or people.. ?

AND if you choose to forgive, does that let them off the hook, does that send a message that what they did doesn’t matter anymore?

Not at all..

Where we become muddled is in seeing forgiveness as setting the other person free instead of seeing forgiveness as setting ourselves free.

Whatever hurts have held us back are gone, even if they happened yesterday when we make that choice. They only have life and power if we keep injecting life and power into them with our thoughts. We allow them and their owner to own us, we hand over our freedom, our health, our emotional well-being and happiness.

Forgiveness is the one true power each of us have, we can choose to say no to the pain and negativity, we can free ourselves by simply saying, ‘whatever you did, you can take responsibility for, I am taking responsibility for me and I love myself enough to stop giving time and energy to your wrongdoings, I am letting go, I am moving on and not looking back, I am setting myself free.’

No one loses more than we do when we hold on to anger and pain, the other person doesn’t live with it, they invariably have moved on.  Why punish ourselves more than they did by living in their toxicity..

Take your power back, forgive and move on, you won’t regret it, your life will change in a million ways when you stop the flow of anger and bitterness!

Here’s to your happiness and freedom <3

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