60 of Inspirational Videos – Day 1 – Bob Proctor

Imagine it, live it in your mind and let the next 60-day inspirational challenge take you to your dreams.

I have decided to start a 60-day inspirational ‘challenge’ to see what 60 days of focused positivity
can do. An enjoyable challenge I hope,
one that will be uplifting and potentially life-changing.
Wanna join me? I’d love it if you do.
Let this be a place where we can heal our mind and in so doing, heal our life.
Yes, thoughts are that powerful. Thoughts are the most powerful forces in our lives and
when we take control of them, we take control of our lives.
So, a little bit about this space; This blog is called Say-See Stacie for a reason..
I’ll quickly tell you why, when my younger brother was born he
suffered shock at birth, that in turn, cause mild brain damage.
For most of our childhood, we had our own little language. I would
interpret what he was saying to my parents and everyone to understand.
There was one word he could almost say correctly
and that was my name, Saysee!
I loved him calling me that and only realized recently
how appropriate that was, I would say things for him and helps others see into his world, I was his connection.
Now, I hope to Say and See in a new way, to learn how to control and empower thoughts and share the journey with like-minded souls.
I listened to a most uplifting Bob Proctor YouTube video this evening whilst
tidying the house. This video made me feel I can do and achieve anything if I feed my mind with the right information and was the inspiration for this program.
Every day for the next 60 days, I will be posting video clips and free audio books to nourish
the mind.
According to Bob Proctor and all the great motivational leaders, we should be feeding our mind with positive thoughts consistently through reading inspirational books, watching videos or listening to audios on a daily basis,  and with the same importance as eating healthily and exercising.
The next 60 days will be about watching and listening to food for the subconscious.
We can change the way we see the world, ourselves, our purpose and we can attract to us the life we want. 
This video will show you just how amazing your life can be. You already have everything you need.
You are smarter, richer and more amazing than you ever knew and once you really know it, you will own it.
The other important action we must take, is to avoid absorbing negativity. Turn off the news, stop reading the paper, avoid naysayers and give yourself and your mind a beautiful 60 day holiday. 
Aren’t you curious to see how you and your life might change?
Join me on Facebook, pop back here tune into each new days video, feel free to recommend videos or books that have inspired you.
Pop over to our facebook page and give it a like so you can keep connected and chat.
See you tomorrow! 😉

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