60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 11 – John Assaraf #2

How did you find yesterday’s video?

Today John Assaraf will be turning up the heat. He’s going to get to the nitty-gritty of identifying and reprogramming those old patterns. In ‘How to Set and Achieve Any Goal You Have in Your Life, parts 1 and 2, he explains how most of us will repeat the same patterns and behaviours hoping for new effects, but unless we make some changes we will continue to get the same results. Our results are all the effect of what we believe about ourselves and what we are worthy of.

According to the neuroscience, John Assaraf has spent decades studying, if we exchange our habits and our inner beliefs for more empowering ones, we can change our results.

Johns journey into brain power and reprogramming began in his late teens when his brother introduced him to a successful real-estate developer called Alan Brown. Assaraf had dropped out of school and was getting into trouble with the law when his brother reached out to find him help. Raised in a working-class family of little means, Assaraf always knew he wanted and was capable of great success.

His meeting with Alan Brown was the beginning of his lifetime’s vocation to help change people’s lives.

There are 4 main steps to reprogramming our brains 

  1. Getting specific about our goals whilst never letting past failures or current circumstances to come in.
  2.  Understanding and implementing Strategies, tactics, and Process
  3. Changing habits, develop a blueprint and daily ritual that will reprogram the brain (John gives specifics in the video).
  4. Examine your self-beliefs and change them and your daily habits using a number of techniques like visualizations, affirmations, certain types of hypnosis and meditation.


There’s a lot of information here so get ready with pen and pad. The methods for creating new habit and beliefs are simple, the key is to be persistent which is most difficult through the early days and weeks. John goes into great depth on why we form the habits and outcomes that limit us, he also gives tremendous insight into how we can change those limiting beliefs.

Part 2

All the inspirational speakers we have heard from are urging us to be persistent, ignore the past and present, set clear goals, refer to our goals daily, get excited about them, visualise them and take inspired action.

Have you begun your daily rituals?
I have to say, I’m not fully implementing them yet but I am seriously noticing changes in the way I have become an observer of my thoughts, I’m much, much less critical of myself and in general and feel brighter and positive. If these changes can come about by simply listening and becoming aware, imagine what’s possible once we take action!

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If you have any inspirational videos that have helped you, please let me know.


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