60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 2 – Jack Canfield


Have you ever told someone your dream out loud and had them laugh at you?

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and often enough to make you question what you are doing. Anything outside the box is often met with a slightly raised eyebrow and well meant discouragement.

There really is only one way to silence the sniggers, and that’s to succeed.. BUT, all too often, first time out in the entrepreneurial, creative ocean can be very overwhelming, confusing and ultimately disappointing. 

Ofter the second, third and more times trying something new can end with a closed door.  And a closed door feels every bit like a failure, but, there is another way of looking at it. A closed door is also a re-route, a sign that there’s a better path for you to travel. How often have you heard that someone’s big break happened just after things seemed to have fallen apart? 

It’s whether you have the fortitude to keep going.

Every motivational, inspirational guru out there faced the same sniggers and lots of failures, anyone that had a BIG vision faced opposition, it’s par for the course. The one thing every successful person will tell you is, persistence. Even if you take imperfect action, you’re moving forward. Failures are inevitable but if we frame them as lessons instead, we grow.

Having a vision, a big picture is vital. Whether that’s reaching a certain income by a certain time, or owning your dream home or car, holding the vision, feeling the joy of making that vision a reality is crucial to getting you through the slow day, the days where you feel you’ve taken two steps back.

But there are a few very important habits to acquire before you can stop having doors close in your face.

Being ‘mindful’ of the way your mind works, the inner talk, the subconscious expectation and fears that we’ve carried with us day and night since we absorbed them from the world around us at the tender, innocent age of 2-3-year-olds create outcomes or limitations that we aren’t even aware of.

If you watched yesterday’s video you’ll know that just about anyone can achieve anything, have abundant wealth and do it within a small time frame with the right mindset and beliefs.

Today’s video will reiterate that. Listen to one of the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield’s Top Ten Rules For Success.

He shares the uphill climb they faced trying to get their book published. A series that has since sold over 500,000,000 copies in 40 languages. Have a pen and pad ready, take notes, listen more than once, feed your mind with organic, pesticide, GMO-free soul food,

Video Credit Evan Carmichael

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you mindset is the key to making it.

There are no hidden secrets to changing your mindset. But there is a ‘how to break through failure’ method. It’s as simple as immersing yourself in as much motivational and inspirational information as possible on a daily basis and taking inspired action. You can read and listen to as much material as the day is long, but, without taking the time to practise the methods you are taught on a daily basis, nothing, NOTHING will change. Listen to these videos, have a notebook handy, take down notes and TAKE ACTION.
You have everything you need to be hugely successful without having to trade all your time for it, you just don’t know how to tap into it yet. Your thoughts are THE most powerful forces in your life, when you learn how to master them so you switch off all the negative dribble and home in on positive and inspiring thoughts, you attract a positive and inspiring life.
Have a blessed day


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