60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 5 – Dr Wayne Dyer



Well, It’s day five and I’m noticing changes, are you? I’m becoming much more aware of those negative thoughts that not only come through as thoughts but as feelings.  It’s a little troubling to realise how often they pop up, but becoming aware of them is a huge step forward. Now to replace them with positive images and intention. 

Today’s video is from the late, great Wayne Dyer. He started out his young life in an orphanage and ended it as one of the worlds most loved and respected motivational leaders. He had many obstacles to overcome, many painful childhood memories, but with the guidance of people like Napolean Hill and Wallace Wattle, he dealt with his inner demons and built a life just about anyone would envy. 

He knew that if he could achieve what he was able to, we all can. Affirmations helped him silence that negative voice of doom we all know well. 

“All things are possible”

A simple affirmation that we can use every time we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

At first, it’s a struggle to believe, especially when we aren’t seeing that ‘All Things Are Possible’, in our lives, but if we remind ourselves that we are shifting away from a life where we believe all things weren’t possible, we are undoing the programming that told us to not expect all things, that told us we couldn’t have, wouldn’t be good enough, that life was tough. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, It’s short but powerful. I think we’ll be hearing much more from Wayne Dyer over the 90 days of inspiration. 

Watch your thoughts. They’re speaking directly to the universe, drawing to you more of the same. Anything is possible when we realise we are actually creating our struggles by focusing on negatives. When we stop being controlled by anger, resentment, being offended, feeling sorry for yourself and all those negative.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’

Have a blessed day


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