60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 6 – Louise Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer

Day 6 of 90 Days of Inspirational Videos and I am feeling so happy. This video, or maybe the accumulation of all of them has put me on something of a high.

Believe me when I say, if I were to turn the spotlight on to things I could worry about, there are PLENTY but, I am making a choice. Well, no, that’s not true, by day 6, I’m not even choosing (so far) to ignore them, my mind just isn’t going there.

I feel and hope it is the inspiration that has brought about this feeling but I shall wait and see over the remainder of the day and days to come. As Louise Hay mentions in today’s EPIC video, you think you’ve faced a challenge and got through it, you think that you can cope, but you’ll only know when a challenge like it shows up. Will you go back to your old ways of dealing with it, or will you just accept it without resistance and trust it too will be overcome?

There are some absolute nuggets of gold here. If you’ve already watched (or read the book)  You Can Help Your Life by Louise Hay, you will recognise much in this video but there are sections of this video that aren’t in the DVD. There’s an awesome section where Dr Wayne Dyer demonstrates on a camera man how we physically respond with weakness when we think of anger and resentment compared to immense strength when thinking with love and forgiveness.

Some of the nuggets of Gold for me here are how our negative thoughts are in essence, poverty affirmations. How often do we think in a negative way compared to positive? If the scales are heavily on the negative that is what you are sending out, those are negative affirmations and the universe will always respond with more of what it believes you want. We are vibration, we speak to the universe through our vibrational energy, like attracts like, if we focus on lack, loneliness, anger, self-loathing, resentment etc, we will have no option to attract more of the same.

Louise says, The more you’re grateful for the things in your life, the more the universe will give you things to be grateful for.

She talked about how she began earlier in her career trying to help heal people’s problems, their health and obstacles but it dawned on her, that if she could help them heal their self-judgement and help them to fully love themselves everything else would disappear. She said, seeing the power of self-love in people’s lives was nothing short of a miracle.

The beauty and power of this is, every one of us can work on self-love. Every one of us can undo the past and change the course of our lives. We can’t do it by reading the odd book or watching the occasional video, we need to work on ourselves and our self-love every single day until it is how we breathe and think, and them we will be drawn naturally to stay focused on the things that help us remain in that place of self-love.

Like we’ve heard before, we can’t go to the gym once or twice and expect a perfectly toned, trim body. We can’t diet for a day and expect to lose 10 kilos. We can’t plant seeds and expect to harvest them the very next day. We need to take the journey day by day until we enjoy the journey until our muscles stop aching, our stomach shrinks and our seeds germinate.

Dr Dyer spoke a great deal about contemplation. He pointed out that someone had to contemplate electricity of how to fly before they came into our physical experience. They were always there. No laws of physics were created for them to exist, we just didn’t know about them, but by the act of contemplation, anything can be manifested.

He shared how as a child, he watched, loved and imagined himself on the Tonight show. Decades later he not only was invited to be a guest but the other guest was the retired tv show host he had watched (and imagined talking too) as a child. He said it wasn’t that he set out to be on the Tonight show, but that he contemplated and believed anything is possible, he had no resistance.

He speaks about forgiveness and love, how vital it is for us to, as he quotes the Toa de Ching ‘End All Conflicts  on Love”

I could go on and on about todays beautiful 49 minutes of healing inspiration but I’d much rather you watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to take notes of anything that resonates with you. You can use them on an Inspiration board or put them on you screen saver.

Tell me how you’re going, are you feeling any changes yet? I’m very curious to know and very excited for us all,

Have a beautiful blessed day,

Stacey xx






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