60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 8 – John Kehoe


Oh boy, you are in for a MASSIVE treat with today’s audio/video. Until I first did this 60 day challenge I had never heard of John Kehoe and more’s the pity (now that’s an expression I don’t use often!).

We are really going to do this!

We are going to retrain our brains. Our thoughts will effortlessly become positive (after some repetition work) and our new way of thinking is going to change our lives.

We are going to create the life we dream of… ARE YOU READY?

John Kehoe had a successful career in music management but after listening to a quiet inner whisper that it was time to move on, he did. He ended up spending many years studying how people attract success, how the mind works and how we can reprogram it.

I listened to this one twice and will be listening to more, buying his books and am doing his 6 week Mind Powers online course. Sometimes you just resonate with the words and energy of someone, I felt that today. So far, all 8 of our video speakers are people I would love to sit at a dinner table with and talk (or more like, listen) the hours away.

John reiterates what all of the great inspirational speakers/authors have told us. We have the power to create anything we want. Our subconscious mind will accept any thought or belief we continually imprint on it.

Master how to imprint what you want and nothing can hold you back from your dream life.



Here are some of the pointers John gives us for helping imprint new beliefs and thoughts on our subconscious mind

According to John, every day we need to imprint what we want by visualizing it as if it is happening to us right NOW, feel it, get excited by it, live it and do this for 5 -10 minutes a day.

Just like our times-tables and language has been imprinted into our subconscious we can imprint empowering beliefs of our choosing. Every day before going to sleep, think about how powerful your mind is, contemplate that you have unlimited power, that you have complete control to create absolutely anything you want, try to feel the immensity of your power but don’t be surprised or disappointed by a whole range of emotions from joy to feeling nothing. Over time the subconscious will absorb your visualization and action it into your reality.

Repetition is the key, every day take 5 – 10 minutes to think about how powerful you are

Belief _ There is Abundance Everywhere

We live in an abundant universe, it is vital to acknowledge abundance and prosperity everywhere. Look at beautiful tall buildings in the city, think about the wealth that went into building them, the people that own them, the people that may have a penthouse in them. Feel a joy at the abundance, it is bountiful and will go where it is appreciated and wanted. There is no discrimination in abundance, it will go to men, women, atheist, devout people of faith, black or white. It doesn’t care, see it and appreciate it, it will make its way to you. Every day acknowledge bountifulness around you instead of lack.

Staggering Opportunities

Kehoe tells us it is our responsibility and duty to succeed. There are no end of opportunities out there and that we should always look do to things we love.

He quite beautifully believes that we each of us bring a different piece of the puzzle, we are all plugged into the same system. He firmly believes we must seek to follow our bliss. That to do anything other than what we love will never bring the huge success we may desire.

Again, he says that visualizing what you love doing as if you are doing it now is very powerful. Feel it, see it, believe it, love it and get excited by it, In doing this daily you are reprogramming your subconscious.


Make a list of 15 – 20 thinks you are good at, things you are already successful at doing. This is very important in creating to create a vibration of success. Success is a powerful energy, success loves success and is attracted to the energy of success. Focus on anything you can acknowledge as a successful achievement. From being a good parent to cooking a great meal to being a good listener, to closing the deal at work. Focus on your strengths and study your list every day, feel great about the things you are already successful at. If new things come to mind, add them to the list.


I’ve touched on this before but to create what you desire, see it, feel it, love it, get excited by it and do this every day for 5 – 10 minutes. There’s no need to hang on to the visualizations all day, just a few minutes a day, every day will imprint the life you want into your conscious and subconscious mind as if it is real.

John gives an example of an experiment that was done at a large American university, they took university students and tested them at throwing a basket-ball in the net. They recorded the data then split the group into three groups. For half an hour every day they had the groups go into the gym. The first group actually practiced throwing the basketball at the net every day, the second group went in and did nothing, the third group sat and visualized throwing the ball in the hoop. 

After a month they brought them all in and tested them. The first group had improved their skills by 25%, the second group hadn’t improved at all, but fascinatingly, the third group who hadn’t touched the basketball for a month had also improved by 25%.

This is such an exciting example of how powerful our minds are, more excitingly, it demonstrates how we can powerfully create anything we want by consistently visualizing. Our mind imprints on our subconscious what it sees as if it is truth. After all, our subconscious mind cannot determine truth from a lie, it accepts what we tell it as a truth. If we consistently tell it what we want, it will create the environment for us to have that experience, just like the group of students throwing the basketball.


Every day look for one thing to be grateful for, give thanks, feel the joy of that thing/person/experience. The universe LOVES to repay gratitude with more things to be grateful for. It simply loves gratefulness.


Taking a percentage of what you earn, whether it be 1% or 10% of you income and giving it away is also a very powerful way of having fortune returned to you. John Kehoe explains that the joy of giving and, just as importantly, the joy of receiving are important for us to start doing today. The energy we create around giving to those less fortunate than ourselves reminds us of our own good fortune, it brings us a tremendous sense of satisfaction and is sharing and spreading kindness around us. Don’t wait until you have extra money, start now and let the universe provide you with more. To not give because we think we can’t afford it, as the interviewer reminds us, is to not trust the universe is abundant and giving.

I hope you feel excited by the powerful information in this audio. Each day we’ve had different, though similar techniques suggested to us. We are in danger of being so overloaded with techniques to follow that we do nothing. I would recommend following those that resonate with you. If along the course of our 60 days, you hear a new technique, there is no harm in implementing it. As long as it feels right for you, go with it.

I really do love the recommendations here, better start writing my success list!

I wish for you an abundant and joyful life,



Wishing you an abundant day





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