60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 13 – Will Smith


I feel like I’ve just stood under a waterfall of inspiration..

After yesterday’s emotionally charged video about the last months of Randy Pausch, today’s video has been very refreshing. I had no idea how empowering and inspiring Will Smith is.
I’d seen odd quotes on social media but never heard him speak about his beliefs and understandings.

This, right here is the living embodiment of self-love (in a none arrogant way) being repaid by the universe in opportunity, happiness, love, success and abundance. When you love yourself as a miracle of nature, a divine expression of love, when you are prepared to give all you’ve got to embrace your journey, to leaving light where ever you travel, the Universe cannot help but reward you. It will give back to you what you give to it.

Are you expressing and feeling love for you, for your life, for everything you have come here to experience?

Everything in your life is your story, it will have intrigue, sadness, joy and elation, love, anger, fear and laughter. It has to have these things for you to have a truly human experience. Some souls will opt to come here to be your friends, some your foes, some will make you feel inadequate and other will make you feel irreplaceable.
When you can experience the different pages of your life and not take the events personally you will become the observer of your unique story. You will be free to experience it all with love and be ready to get the most out of every day.

Will Smith is a deeply spiritual man and I get the feeling he was born that way. Sounds like he had very wise teachers in his parents. If we can take anything for this video, it should be that it doesn’t matter what talents you are blessed with, what circumstances and disadvantages life may present, when you believe that YOU and your life is a blessing, and you are not going to let excuses deny you your right to be joyfully you can and will experience a life you absolutely love.

Enjoy this video, absorb this mans words, look within and see you can and WILL be as joyful as Will is when you love everything about you and strive to have the best possible life.

WILL is the perfect name for Will Smith.

Do you have the WILL to ignore your current circumstances and believe your order to the universe for joy, abundance, health, love, peace and everything you want to finish your story in a state of bliss is on order or do you believe it has already been delivered and you just have to unwrap it? Look at who you are with complete love, forgive yourself the acts of yesterday and embrace all your blessings. As you do, you will be unwrapping your order and all the love and gratitude you pour out will appear in your life around you.

Have an amazing day!







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