60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 15 – Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson is a Hay House  New York Times Best Selling Author. She’s a motivational speaker and lifestyle coach, she also appears in Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’ video. From that video, I was struck by Cheryl’s gentle nature. There’s a sincerity and grace about her that is magnetizing.

In this podcast interview with Joan Herrmann on her show ‘Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life’ Cheryl talks about the power of our thoughts, how being present in the moment is key to valuing your life and drawing to it joyful experiences, she also offers some practical and simple advice on ways to learn to love yourself. 

Three vital elements to taking deliberate action in stopping our negative thoughts are to become mindful, every thought and every word are affirmations to creating our future. One way to do this is to feel good about the present moment, to be grateful for what is and not wish our lives away. So often we live in the future or past. By waking up to the reality that today is the only day you have and valuing it you develop a gratitude and appreciation for your life.

Another vital step to creating the life we want is to learn to really love ourselves and take action to do so every day. As she mentions, we are with ourselves longer than any other person in our lifetime. If we can’t love ourselves we are will struggle to accept love and value our lives. We can easily slip into blame and victim mode which are none productive.

We all have reasons to feel as though we are a victim but once we can accept what has happened and move on without blame we can build and develop a sense of inner power. Empowering ourselves means making decisions, looking at ways to change what isn’t working, and doing so because we truly appreciate that we are worthy of a good life, not a life that reminds us of negativity.

Equally important, if not, most important in Cheryl’s opinion, is to understand our connection to the divine. To see the divine in us and in all things. To feel connected to the divine creative power within us empowers us, allowing us to know we are creating every experience by way of our thoughts, gratitude, connection, and words. Seeing ourselves as divine beings changes our perspective on who we are and our right to pursue our happiness.

A great podcast, shout out to Joan Herrmann and massive thanks to Cheryl Richardson for your gentle wisdom. To get Cheryl’s practical techniques for ways to develop self-love be sure to watch the video and check out Cheryl’s book authored with Louise Hay ‘You Can Create an Exceptional Life’ (below)

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