60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 18 – Dalai Lama



Ahhhhh, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, what a beautiful man!

His energy exudes through his videos in such a calming way, this video is particularly cute when His Holiness shares the difficulty of dealing with passing wind whilst travelling on an aeroplane!

I tend to put up videos that aren’t too long as I appreciate time is a precious commodity. There are many much longer videos from all our featured inspirational speakers that are overflowing with the good stuff our hearts, minds, and souls need. I feel I’m not fully doing justice to their messages and particularly with The Dalai Lama’s messages of peace and love. 

Today’s choice of video is a little different from the others. It isn’t dealing with manifesting, changing your mindset, stopping negative thoughts or any of the other practices that are involved in recreating yourself. 

Today’s video is simple and reminds us that at the core of our being, love and kindness should be our only currency. That we are all made of the same stuff. His Holiness shares how he doesn’t see himself as different to anyone else, that when we define ourselves by our titles, achievements and possessions we build walls around ourselves and create a prison for ourselves.

He speaks about caring for one another, that we don’t speak enough of caring and kindness and that through kindness towards others, ultimately we create purpose and fulfilment in our own lives.

I will let his Holiness bring laughter to your day and warmth to your heart with his unique brand of effervescence.

Happiness is the state we should all be striving for. I had a conversation with my 15 years old daughter last night, she told me how she was stressed about what subjects to study at school when she had no idea what career she was aiming for. She told me that most of her friends knew what they wanted to do and therefore, what subjects to select for year 11.

I remember the same dilemma when I was at school, some things never change, but in this world, where many things are changing, and changing rapidly, selecting a career choice today doesn’t guarantee it will exist in a decade from now. I recently read that 70% of Australian kids are studying for jobs that won’t exist in a decade, that’s a shocking statistic and means there are going to be many young people with a whole lot of university debt and no career. 

The best advice I could give her, especially having spent the last 19 days listening to every inspirational speaker tell us of the importance of doing what you love, was that she aims for subjects that she enjoys, subjects that she has interest in. When the time comes to decide on a career path, she can see what options are open to her. I told her doing what you love should be at the core of your decision. Happiness is infectious, it breeds happiness.

I hope today’s video has brought a ray of sunshine to your day and you can pass the happiness on!


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