60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 21 – Marisa Peer

marisa-peerOne of the bonuses to this 90 Days of Inspirational videos is discovering fascinating new people. Today, I had intended on doing a post on Warren Buffet but as I researched him a video suggestion down the right side of the You Tube page kept catching my eye.  

It was called How To Teach Your Mind That Everything Is Available To You by Marisa Peer.  You can see from the title why It caught my eye. I thought okay, I’ll have a quick look, if it’s good then great if it’s not then back to Warren!

Well, maybe three hours later and I hadn’t stopped watching! Now my dilemma was which of the many enthralling  Marisa Peer video’s should I focus this post on.

I thought the video I would share will be the one that can be the most beneficial to the majority. This video has examples and techniques you can try that can help you break thought patterns that don’t serve you.

Marisa Peer is a hypnotherapist who claims she can diagnose an ailment in 3 minutes and heal most people in 5 minutes. She has worked with movie stars, sports stars, rock stars, business magnets, she has authored books and appeared on tv and radio yet in Say See Stacey world she hadn’t existed until today. I am so very glad we’ve ‘met’ at last.

As Marisa and so many of our Inspirational speakers have told us, our brain is wired to do what we want but we have to let it know what we want precisely otherwise it can take literally remarks like, ‘I wanted to die’ ‘I hate my life’ ‘kill me now,’ ‘I’d rather die than make that speech,’ these may all be cheeky remarks to our conscious mind but not to our subconscious. We have to ‘collaborate’ with  our brain as Marisa explains  it. Our brains are also hard-wired to lead us away from pain and towards pleasure, so depending on early life experiences, it can perceive being in a situation that could lead to rejection, failure or even success, and will drive us to avoid that situation, therefore driving us away from long lasting relationships or success. Also perceiving alcohol or drugs as a pleasure, our brains can drive us to crave what we consciously know is bad for us.

Our brains also love to repeat what is familiar, making the breaking of bad habits very challenging. But with some techniques in this video, Marisa explains that we can take action to reprogram our brains and create new pathways.

I’m going to hand you over to the delightful Marisa so you can hear is directly from the expert.

Do yourself a favour and watch her TED talk. Catch you tomorrow for more inspiration,


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