90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 24 – Joe Vitale

joe-vitaleJoe Vitale of ‘The Secret’ fame was once a homeless, penniless and completely broken author that struggled for years and years but just couldn’t make it. He believed he was never going to find success until one day when he decided to let go and forgive himself for his past. 

He says that day changed his life, to see his success now, a published author of numerous books, a guest of many tv interviews, a starring role in ‘The Secret and appearances in at least 14 other films, the creator of his own genre of music called ‘Healing Music’ for which he produced self-help healing cd’s that were featured in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2012, and the list goes on and on and on, without doubt, Joe Vitale is living proof that you can be at rock bottom, not know where your next meal is coming from, then, with a change of mindset, reach the dizzy heights of success.

He has not only reached the dizzy heights for himself but has helped countless others do the same. With his vast knowledge of The Law of Attraction, hypnosis, and metaphysics he possesses a potent formula for success.

In this short but informative video, Joe goes through 5 important steps to creating wealth, these 5 steps were all important elements of Joe’s journey to his own success.

Step 1 Give Yourself a Break

Step 2 Breaking the Trace/ Using Hypnosis

Step 3 Small Gestures

Step 4 Appreciation

Step 5 Don’t Lean on the Past

There is plenty to understand about each step so I’ll let Joe take over from here.

Get your pen and paper handy, it’s definitely worth taking notes! 

Joe’s latest mission is to create awakened millionaires across the globe. He has written The Awakened Millionaire described as a practical manifesto to  guide you to new dimensions of personal wealth, spiritual growth, and as a result, global transformation.

Sounds like a worthy mission to me. I’ll be adding it to the list of many books I ‘MUST READ!

If you’re interested in purchasing it, the link is below.

Wishing you an enlightened and abundant day,


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