90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 25- Eddie Coronado

eddie-coronadoAnother golden find people!

This is like the complete package for manifesting prosperity and definitely worth your undivided attention.

Eddie Colonado was struggling with credit card debts and turned to The Law of Attraction to see if he could help him pay them off.

For 8 months he worked on visualizing his wallet full of money and his credit card balance at zero. He also began visualizing $1,000,000 in his bank account but he struggled to see it there, so he recognized his ambitions were beyond the acceptance of his subconscious, he changed the amount to $50,000. After 8 months he won $50,000 on the lottery and began a lucrative business.

He has set out in this very detailed audio the steps he used and the ‘how and why’ the techniques work.

Eddie tells us that The Universal Laws will never say no to us. If we are clear on what we have set our hearts on and remain open, the universe will deliver. There are many reasons why we may not receive what we have asked for and without realizing, we are stopping our Universal order. Eddie will explain in detail in this audio how we sabotage our own efforts to manifest.

Like all the other Inspirational teachers we’ve heard from,  we are told to be clear about a realistic amount of money we want to manifest. Write the amount down and look at it frequently. Eddie also suggests we visit opulent places and feel the joy of living, shopping or eating in places that exude affluence. Go to an expensive restaurant even if you can only afford to eat there, and order a coffee. Take note of how abundance feels, get comfortable with it. 

Like all the others that we are clear about a realistic amount we want, write it down and look at it frequently, he suggests we visit opulent places and feel the joy of living, shopping or eating there, go to an expensive restaurant even if you can only afford a coffee. Take note of how abundance feels. 

He cautions us to watch our words, thoughts, and actions. Every word and thought are an affirmation. Stay away from people that speak about lack and limitation. Their negativity will drag you down, change the subject or leave. He also cautions to not speak about your focus with others, don’t get into conversations with naysayers, the inner energy you are creating in your manifesting is more powerful when kept within you.

Eddie also tells us not to set a time on when we want to receive our fortune but to let the universal laws operate freely, trust them and trust that it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. He frequently reminds us we are dealing with a spiritual law that we cannot manipulate or force. By deciding where or when the wealth we desire should come we are implying a lack of trust in the universal law. 

We are warned not to be jealous of other people’s success, jealousy is very negative energy that will undo our good work. Quietly bless the success of whoever has had good fortune and trust that good fortune will also come to you equally or even more so.

One of the most powerful tools Eddie speak about is The Art of Receiving. He explains that this one change in what we practice will accelerate our manifestation. We must always see being offered a kindness such as buying you lunch, being offered money or an opportunity. We tend to refuse things being offered to us through conditioning. We are taught not to take from others but by denying we are blocking universal gifts. We should accept these gifts as though they have come from the universe and give thanks.


Affirmations are a very powerful tool and Eddie Coronado recommends we speak our affirmations first thing in the morning, this sets up our subconscious for abundance through the day.

The affirmation Eddie uses is:

‘I am a rich and prosperous child of The Universe. I am financially prosperous in all that I do. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly and I give thanks for my good.

Of course, you can create an affirmation that works for you, aside from saying it first thing in the morning, repeat it many times a day and use it to replace negative thoughts.

Hope you got as much out of this as I did,

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