90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 31 – Les Brown – Eric Thomas – Will Smith


A small burst of very powerful inspiration is enough to give us a proverbial kick in the butt.

We easily slip into complacency, we respond to the world around us, we strive to fit in and not stand out yet inside every one of us is that knowing, that spark of desire for more that every so often becomes a flame.

Every great person faced opposition, judgment, disappointment, failure after failure and times when it all seemed too difficult but they couldn’t turn out the flame. With every obstacle, the flame grew stronger within them.

Why do some of us have the burning desire and others not?

Programming. The experiences and influences we faced as small children could either empower us, stifle us or even break us.

Anyone that has been following our videos will by now have plenty of tools to unravel the blocks and reprogram their brains patterns.

Daily practice, daily doses of inspiration, daily acknowledging your power,  and daily living your dreams long before they have manifested will change your life and the lives of everyone that you come into contact with.

You will become the reason other people know they can change. You will become a mentor ready to pass on what you know.

Even after the 90 days of Inspirational videos, short videos like this one compiled by Mateusz M (miro0r) are perfect as a morning boost each day. Les Brown is probably the very best (in my opinion) at filling you with drive, belief, and determination. add to him a dose of Will Smith’s wisdom and Eric Thomas’s passion and you have a really healthy brainfast to start your day.


See you tomorrow for some more inspiration!


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