90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 32 – Michael Newton


This is a little bit of a personal indulgence. Michael Newton’s books had such an enormous impact on my life and my grief that I wanted very much to share his work.

Once you enter into the ‘Journey of Souls’ (Michael Newton’s first book), you emerge a different human being. Your view of life and death will be forever changed, ‘This book is an intimate journal about the spirit world.’

As we are studying Inspiration and the laws of the universe I feel understanding who are we, why are we here, where are we going and who sent us, will help us to understand more about our personal blocks and aims in life. Not everything that troubles and blocks us exist in our childhood.

Some of this videos in this 90 Days of Inspirational Videos series talk about early childhood and even in utero experiences that hold us back but as you will see here, some experiences come with us.

Michael Newton accidentally found himself working in a past life when a client came to him with a serve chronic pain on his right side under his ribs. He had suffered from this pain all his life and no doctor could help him. In desperation, he went to Dr. Michael Newton for hypnotherapy.

In hypnotherapy, Dr. Newton took his client back into his childhood looking for the source of the pain without success.  In frustration, he said to his client, ‘go to the source of your pain’, and immediately this man was in a different lifetime being stabbed by a bayonet.

Dr. Newton asked him where he was to which the man replied,  in The Battle of the Somme. Michael Newton was shocked but being a keen historian wanted details. As the man writhed in pain Dr.Newton asked his details such as his name, rank, serial number and division, which he later checked with the British War Office and Imperial Museum in London and found this man, name, numbers, and details and date of death all matched exactly.

This was the spark to Dr. Newton’s curiosity but it was a client soon after that led him to his extensive work on what exists between lives.

I will let him tell you the story and as a special bonus, there is an audio to his book “Journey of Souls.’ If you have experienced grief or are curious to know what exists beyond the physical death, this book of case studies into between life regressions will answer everything.

Michael Newton, someone I will always hold dear in my heart for the healing his books gave me, took his own soul journey back home on the 22nd September 2016, so today’s blog is in tribute and thanks to him.

Below is the audio of ‘Journey of Souls,’




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