90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 34 – Deepak Chopra – Meditation

nothing-is-more-important-than-reconnecting-with-your-bliss-nothing-is-as-rich-nothing-is-more-realToday, we are going to take a simple meditation guided by Deepak Chopra. Meditation is not only physically healing but mentally and spiritually. Through meditation, we become attuned to our inner desires and purpose.

More and more of us are seeking out the deeper meaning of our existence.  We are realizing that we much more than our physical presence. That somewhere within us or beyond our conscious awareness is access to a higher consciousness.

When we are feeling low, confused, depressed, anxious and withdrawn  it is an indicator that we are out of alignment. Our emotions serve as a compass telling us whether we are on track or way off.

Through meditation and simply unplugging from our conscious thoughts, we allow our minds to rest and immense healing to take place. We stop the waves of negativity even if it is for a short while, and make space for healing and an awareness of oneness with the universe.

Deepak Chopra has many wonderful meditations that serve as wonderful tools to start or end our day. To understand more about the benefits of meditation Click Here.

Now find somewhere to sit quietly, headphones on, eyes shut and let Deepak guide you to manifesting your inner most desires. 

Well I needed that, I was extremely tired today and the gray matter just wasn’t wanting to work for me, that little meditation has left me feeling refreshed. Hope it does for you too, think we should do more of these!

Have a wonderful day


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