90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 42 – Kanye West

kanya-westMy 15-year-old daughter is going to be thrilled about today’s choice of inspirational video. She’s a devoted Kanye fan and has on more than one occasion told me to check his videos out so this one is for her and in light of the fact that Kanye is in hospital reportedly suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation, I thought I would share this so we can spread some of his positivity and hope it finds it’s way back to him.

Thirty-nine-year-old Kanye is best known as a rapper but he has many interests and talents, he has his own fashion label which is massively popular and of course, he is married to Kim Kardashian. Kanye started out in the music industry as a producer for artists like Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z, but his burning desire was to become a performer in his own right so he went into the studio and recorded his first album back in 2004. The album was a massive success and launched Kanye into the rapping scene in a big way, he has since gone on to record another 7 albums.

He has often been known for being outspoken and controversial and exudes a confidence and freedom that many are envious of. I for one didn’t realize how much he aligns with the Law of Attraction. He credits his mom for instilling in him the belief that he can do and be anything he wants.

In this interview (apologies to anyone with sensitivities towards swearing)  Kanye expresses how he takes a thought, builds a dream and makes it happen, that anything is possible for anyone that believes and that if he can make his dreams come true, so can you and I.

I can see why my daughter is so devoted to him and his message. He is a voice to inspire the young in a positive way and I guess, as a mom, that’s something to be grateful for. From us here at Say See Stacey we wish Kanye a speedy recovery so he can return to his family and keep making his dreams come true.

Hope this video gets you motivated to live your dreams. Life is too short to sit and wait for something to happen by chance.



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