90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 43 – Steve Jobs

you-cant-connect-the-dots-looking-forwards-you-can-only-connect-them-looking-backwards-so-you-have-to-trust-that-the-dotts-will-connect-in-your-future-you-have-to-trust-in-somethingNot many homes across the western world are without a product created by Steve Jobs and Apple!

Out of the desire to own his own computer and not being able to afford one, he and friend Steve Wozniak created Apple Macintosh. If you don’t own a Mac, you very possibly own an Ipad or Iphone, if you don’t, many in your circle of family and friends will. To touch so many lives and be a massive part of the change in which the world communicates is no small feat.

There has been much written about Steve Jobs, not all complimentary, but I’m not here to judge. I see a visionary that trusted his instincts, that wasn’t put off by failure or by extremely long work days with no remuneration. He saw the big picture. In fact, he couldn’t see the big picture because it was way bigger than he could have imagined. Instead, he saw the end result, he saw happy customers using quality products that were intuitive, uncomplicated but delivered the goods and more.

Apple continues to grow even though Steve Jobs is no longer around to run the show, passing away from pancreatic cancer at age 55.

This compilation video by  Evan Carmichael had a few standout lessons among the many worthwhile messages.

  1. Think about your customer, be focused on their enjoyment of your product or service.
  2. Follow your gut instinct, you may not see how doing what you love can benefit you in the long run but you only have a small part of the picture, as your story unfolds you will see how each part was and is relevant.
  3. Don’t let failure and obstacles stand in your way. They are always beneficial, from them comes invaluable lessons, new opportunities, and a more refined product or service.
  4. Don’t settle, do and be with who you love!

Being fearless enough to go for what you love is the message in so many of our videos. There certainly seems to be a certain type mindset, self-confidence and unwillingness to conform that is in the fabric of the entrepreneur, the visionary and the maveric. All that truly separates all of us from them is believing we are worth more than just settling for giving up our time to something we don’t love for an income that just about affords us to live.

I hope Steve Jobs had given you some inspiration to go out there and follow your heart,


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