90 Days of Inspirational Videos -Day 46 – Jay Abraham

jay-abrahamI’ve really enjoyed discovering new people and their perspectives along this journey.

The old adage, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is very true. Each of us has grown and developed in different environments, gathered our perspectives and formed our own opinions, no two of us are the same even sets of twins have unique perspectives from their different sets of experiences.

Imagine if we could create a universal awareness, if every human beings experience’s and wisdoms gathered could be put together as a global awareness that we could all access. We would have at our fingertips every feeling, thought, emotion, reaction, response, and understanding possible.

We would know every dark and light emotion and every potential outcome based on how we respond. Some people have a knack for thinking outside the box, they are the observers, the mental engineers. The problem see-ers and problem solvers, the pattern interrupters and because they have these perspectives they often don’t fit into the 9-5, they feel unemployable, they become entrepreneurs that build new systems and evolve old ones.

Jay Abraham epitomizes that. He see’s things and does things differently. He carries with him an aura of wisdom, what you might call an old soul.

I’ve enjoyed watching a few videos of his today and will add him to my list of favorites.

The video I am sharing today is a small section of a much longer interview with  Ramit Sethi called ‘How to achieve greatness in your life,’  just to give you a taster of his energy and perspective.


I hope you enjoy this enough to want to see more.



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