90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 49 – Emma Curtis Hopkins

Emma Curtis Hopkins was born Josephine Emma Curtis in 1849 and is often referred to as the “Teacher of teachers” or “The mother of New Thought.” She is said to be one of the founders of the New Thought movement and wrote and spoke prolifically. She authored of “High Mysticism” and “Scientific Christian Mental Practice” and influenced and taught metaphysics to many that went on to teacher and author books within their own right, including Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and Ernest Holmes who was said to be her last student.

She taught in many different states across the US and was said to speak to large groups of people where ever she went. People from all walks of life sort out her guidance

She went on to found the Emma Hopkins College of Metaphysical Science, which focused on training women as spiritual leaders. Emma Curtis Hopkins believed that mankind was to live through three spiritual ages that corresponded with the Holy Trinity.

God the Father represented the patriarchies of the past.

God the Son represented Jesus Christ and the freeing of human thought.

And the present age of God the Holy Spirit, which  would place women in charge.

Hopkins had a gentle certainty when she wrote and spoke and that came across in this audio. Some may find heavily Christian teachings off-putting and may feel more comfortable repeating her affirmation, ‘I cast this burden of (resentment or fear or anger, whatever you want healing) on The Christ within and I go free to be loving harmonious and free, by replacing The Christ within to The Source within.

Placing burdens on The Christ within are not all that you can do. If there is something you want, Emma suggests you place that in the affirmation and repeat it as often as possible as you can. She gives a lovely example of how receiving your desire is usually proceeded with signs that it is coming.

Hopkins shares how a lady wanted a plate set. The lady had used the affirmation regularly and was soon approached by a friend and given an old chipped and cracked dinner platter. Disappointed, she complained to Emma saying the affirmation didn’t work and all she got was an old chipped platter.  Hopkins explained that when Columbus went in search of The America he saw birds, seaweed, and twigs long before he saw land, the platter was a sign that the plate set would arrive soon. Sure enough, within a short time she received her plate set.

Unfortunately, many of us see the twigs and seaweed as a sign of failure and give up feeling affirmations don’t work. Having the faith that we have been given a sign and continuing to do affirmations with even more excitement is key to receiving what we asked for.

Keep affirming what you want and look out for the seedweed,




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