90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 50 – Sylvester Stallone

I have to admit, I resisted doing a blog post on Sylvester Stallone and I now hang my head in shame. My children often offer me ideas for people to do posts on, I think all four of them suggested Sylvester Stallone but i had the slurred speaking Rocky image in my head and didn’t feel he would fit. How wrong was I. I can honestly say, whilst  watching three different interviews I wept with so much utter respect for this gracious, dedicated and seemingly gentle-man.

We’ve covered some of the most inspirational metaphysical teachers and successful entrepreneurs, we’ve also listened to other hugely successful actors such as Arnie, Jim Carrey and Will Smith, each and every one bringing their unique perspectives and piece of the puzzle. Each one truly inspirational human being who have devoted their life to living their purpose and fulfilling their personal goals against the odds.

Sylvester Stallone completely encapsulates every aspect of manifestation. Knowing there is a divine purpose to your life, seeing the end result and not being sidetracked no matter what people say, no matter how tough life got, no matter what sacrifices had to be made. To then  go on and use his own story as an inspirational message to the world throughout his movies. Kudos to you Sylvester, utmost respect.

If you have a dream, how badly are you prepared to sacrifice? No matter what, you can do it, Sylvester is absolute living proof of that. I urge you to listen to yet another wonderfully created inspirational video by Evan Carmichael and his Mentor Me series (thanks Evan!). 


I’m going to let this video tell you Sylvester’s story, this has to be the easiest and quickest blog post of the entire 50 so far, more thanks to you Sylvestor ( and Evan Carmichael). I’ve thoroughly loved watching, listening and learning from you 🙂

To you and your dreams coming true,


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