90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 51 – Gary Zukav & Oprah Winfrey

The power of intention is a life changer..

Gary Zukav has written many wonderful spiritually enlightening books. I read Seat of the Soul many years ago and recall many, many ‘ahah,’ moments as Oprah calls them. This book was one of my first on my spiritual journey and set the foundation for the way I think and feel about life, our purpose and journey before/beyond this life.

There are many short videos taken from this Super Soul Sunday interview, it wasn’t easy selecting just one on the Power of Intention and will share a link to Gary’s website where he goes much deeper into The POI.

When Oprah read the chapter on the power of intention it completely changed her life and her business. I think, on a personal level, it gave me the green light to own my truth, to not be secretive about the spiritual journey I was on. I ‘Intended’ to learn and grow. Many of us, particularly women hide elements of ourselves, we have a need to please, to keep the peace, to be liked and not rejected that we can deviate so far from our path that we find ourselves completely lost and unsure of where we were once heading.

Without understanding the power intention we can retaliate for hurt we may feel, we can spread gossip, we can do many ills. The light that flows through us, the way we are shaped and experience the world is powerfully influenced by the intentions we have for ourselves, our loved ones and beyond.

The light that flows through us, the way we experience the world is influenced by the intentions we have for ourselves, our loved ones and beyond consciously or unconsciously. Becoming aware of our power to create our reality by changing our intention changes all aspects of the way we experience our lives.

This short video is a demonstration of how the power of intention changed Oprah’s life.

To have a clear understanding of the Power of Intention, follow this link and listen to Gary Zukav explain it.

To you intending to live a peaceful, blissful life,



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