90 Days of inspirational Videos – Day 53 – Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington brings us a very important message, something we are all aware of but easily ignore. I can put my hand up and say I certainly need t pay attention to this message.

The creator of Huffington Post and a fascinating lady that has accomplished many varied achievements from being a many times published author, an activist,  to running as an independent candidate in the 2003 recall election against Arnold Schwarzenegger, to appearing on T.V shows such as Rosanne and How I Met Your Monther, to being nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety or Music Program and so much more, was forced to face her issues with sleep deprivation after fainting at her desk in 2007, breaking her cheekbone and requiring 5 stitches near her right eye due to exhaustion.

As a result of that experience, she spent a great deal of time with doctors, sleep specialists and researchers to fully understand the value of sleep and was amazed at what she learned, so much so that she has written a book called The Sleep Revolution, and this year has announced she would be stepping down from her role as President and Editor-in-chief at Huffington Post to devote time to Thrive Global, her health and wellness information platform.

This short but very humorous TED talk will hopefully inspire you to think about ways to take care of your physical body through sleep that, Arianna claims will completely change your life. We have been learning a great deal about nourishing our mind with gratitude, affirmations and goal setting but without a healthy vehicle to drive our dreams we are defeating ourselves.

I’m certain you will enjoy this 4 minute video..


Yet another book to add to my ever growing Must Read list!

See you tomorrow for another Inspirational Video 🙂  



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