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Introducing ourselves to you... We're a mum and son team that set out to learn how to create a laptop lifestyle for ourselves... Now, we're here to mentor you to achieve the same!

About Stacey


There were a few different reasons that prompted me to look at online marketing. From the age of thirteen, (6 years ago) my son contracted swine flu which lead to chronic fatigue, he was housebound for most of that time, as his illness worsened, he had to pull out of school to do remote learning (online learning) by the age of 16 having already missed many, many months of his education.

I had been helping my husband in our landscaping business but it was becoming increasingly difficult to leave my son alone. He would literally stay in bed all day, not eating or taking his supplements, never getting any sunshine on his skin and looking painfully thin and weak.

With me not working, our landscaping business began to suffer. We would have to get outside help from time to time which was an added cost or, where ever possible, my husband would work alone, dragging out the length of jobs out, hence diluting the earnings. Landscaping was already inconsistent, one week there was a big job, the next nothing, over winter my husband could go weeks with little work. The toll on us financially and emotionally was immense and I knew I had to do something to bring in extra income.

Some years earlier, in the early stages of my son's illness, I had written a book. I had long considered self-publishing but knew many friends that had self-published and didn't sell many books. It was through researching ways to market my book that I discovered an education and affiliate program in digital marketing. The opportunity seemed to tick all the boxes, not only would I gain the skills to market my book but I would be able to earn an extra income to relieve the pressure on my husband.

After 18 months I'd learned some great digital marketing skills but had earned very little. I became completely disheartened. I felt deflated & was at the point of quitting, then I started seeing the tremendous success of fellow marketing friends; they had joined another affiliate program and were very quickly earning them ridiculous amounts of money, aside from that, they had learned a new, powerful and very responsive marketing technique that was converting traffic into leads by 49%. It was a no-brainer, a system that really works and can offer just about anyone an online business and the many advantages that come with it.

We got very excited at having a product that could offer people the lifestyle changes Simeon and I had been looking to create for ourselves and others. We set out to learn all we could so we can reach as many people like us, stay at home parents and carers, people who no longer wanted long stays away from home in order to earn a decent income, creative people who wanted to use their time following their passion instead of working 9-5 to survive. Basically, we want to reach out to people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are prepared to work and learn to create wealth and time freedom.

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