All Is Well


The universe is overflowing with love. It is the birthright of each of us to live in peace in a compassionate and generous world.

What we focus on will determine what persists in our lives.

When we take time to shift our focus from our day to day worries and distractions to remind ourselves that everything is well, all we want and need is available to us, that by virtue of being here, we are worthy of an abundant and loving life, we will receive.

The universe doesn’t pick favourites to bestow its gifts upon, it merely responds to what we think.

Think with gratitude and joy and more things to be grateful and joyful for will show up.

Focus on anger and resentment and more things to be angry and resentful will show up to keep you distracted.

Take time to focus on your blessings, feel gratitude for them and you will open the the door to a new and joyful life 💛

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