Attraction Marketing – A Game Changer in Online Marketing

Attraction Marketing is one of the new buzz words in digital marketing and for the longest time, I just didn’t understand it. There were elements of it that made sense but it was like piecing the borders of a jigsaw puzzle together but not getting to fill in the middle.

There is so much talk about how Attraction Marketing can literally make anyone an online authority. Authority means you have the respect and trust of your followers which, in turn, translates into sales and growth.

So what is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is about reaching your target market in an authentic way, communicate honestly with your followers, letting them see you, hear you, recognize themselves in you by them relating to your pains, struggles and fears.

Human beings like to recognize themselves, their traits, vulnerabilities and insecurities in others. We feel connected to those that remind us of us, make us laugh or inspire us to feel we can achieve our dreams. In the physical world, this comes about by meeting, being yourself, talking, laughing etc, but in the online marketing world that’s not so simple. We need to use different techniques to build a sense of trust and connection without target market.

There are a number of ways that you can do this in your online presence through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube etc.

Interacting with like-minded people is one place to start, you’ll find them in groups or on pages of a similar niche’s and interests as your own, get involved, chat, like, (love laugh) on comments and post you find interesting. Put up your own informative content, become familiar with your leads. All these interactions create a level of comfort and work on building trust.

Start to send friend requests to those you have interacted with, when they accept, chat to them privately, not to sell them anything, but to get to know them, to nurture a friendship, invite them to your page and like their pages if they have them.

Provide interesting content to your pages, content not just around your niche but around topics that are inspirational, that offer useful tips on subjects such as health, time and money saving ideas, exercise, recipes, DIY.  Share funny posts, things that reflect your lighthearted side, personal posts of you and your life.

Then, of course, provide plenty of free value, topics relevant to your niche, blog posts, videos, online articles etc.

Having your own website is a massive asset, using blog posts to convey yourself, provide value and introduce what solutions your business is able to address can not only reach your social media leads but will reach people searching the web for solutions you may provide or topics of interest, (make sure you tag your posts with all relevant keywords and phrases and share them on your social media platforms).

When you do blog posts and social media posts that relate to what you are selling, avoid directly throwing out a sales pitch, it will turn your followers off. Now and again is okay, but mostly, try to frame your product or service in a story of interest that leads to what you are doing and why, that story where possible should come from real life experiences, again, working on building Know Like and Trust (KLT).

Use Video, I’m completely camera shy, using video is my next big challenge but I can assure you, just about all the people within the two affiliate systems I use that are hitting the high 5 and 6 figure incomes.

A video or Facebook/Instgram ‘live’  is an instant way of not only showing what you stand for, your interests, your knowledge, your humour, but a way of making you real, you’re no longer anonymous, KLT goes through the roof.

REMEMBER: You’re potential (and actual) customers are not just $$$ they are people with needs and worries just like you. You are there to offer a solution to their problem, not ripe them off. Treat them as you want to be treated. Help them by providing value to their lives and ways to help them solve their problems.

Be real, be interesting and interested. Connect, let the human side of you and why you do what you do be known. Believe in your product or service, if you don’t believe in them no-one else will either, people aren’t stupid, they sniff out a sales pitch and an insincere salesperson like a shark sniffs out blood in the ocean.

Thought I’d share this take on Attraction Marketing from an article published by Huffington Post.

Now that you understand the basic definition of attraction marketing and ways to use it, let’s examine the A-B-C’s of it. (ref: Huffington Post)

A = Aligning your message with your audience in an authentic way. When you know what you know, you know how to convey it. When you are trying to sell something, it comes across as fake. Keep it real — the only way you can do this and have it successfully persuade your audience, is to be authentic and endorse only what you, yourself have experienced. People are smart and they can spot a con within seconds. Don’t underestimate your target audience.

B = Believe in your products or services, and your ability to assist your target customer with any grievance. It is important to be accessible to your customer and ensure them that what you are offering is of quality. But remember, when your customer feels you are a person of quality, they won’t have any problem believing that you represent is a quality product.

C = Communicating and connecting in a consistent manner. Your audience wants to hear from you in a personable, direct way. Consistency implies a regular basis, but the key is setting the schedule in a way that your audience expects to hear from you. Make each piece of communication connect with your audience instead of a “sales pitch” to buy your product.

Use the ABC’s of attraction marketing concepts and strategies for your network marketing business today by sharing a system designed for your online success.

Here’s to you success 🙂




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