Be Kind to Yourself


We are so often our harshes critiques, beating ourselves up over the slightest thing. We punish ourselves for things we wouldn’t dream of criticising our nearest and dearest for and then wonder why we feel so down.

Self-talk can make us feel peaceful and connected or fractured and alone, all too often we are harsh on ourselves as if we should only be capable of perfection. We don’t expect perfection from others, why do we expect it from ourselves. Our inner chatter is a direct reflection of our view of ourselves and our view of ourselves is lower by far than how other people see us.

Negative inner chatter is something we have the power to change. Try to catch your inner dialogue, when it’s harsh, stop, replace what you are saying with something compassionate, what would you say to your best friend if he/she were upset with themselves for the same thing. If you struggle to be kind, be lenient, say things like, ‘such is life’, or ‘we live and learn.’

Thoughts are things, every thought holds a vibration or frequency, if we perpetually feed ourselves with negativity we vibrate at a lower frequency, attracting and accepting things we know we don’t really want or need. As we become less harsh on ourselves we will notice our mood picks up, we won’t feel so isolated, lost and depressed. We not only take ourselves more light-heartedly, we learn to take life more light-heartedly, we begin to appreciate more and judge less, we let things that might normally have wound us up, simply pass us by.

How can we expect others to love us when we don’t?

Being happy from within changes how we see ourselves and the world around us, it also changes how the world sees, feels and interacts with us.

Be loving to you.. start today 🙂

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