How I Attracted Everything on My Wish List & More!

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SURROUNDING YOURSELF IN INSPIRATION EVERYDAY!!!! The power to change your life is in your hands!   Just over a year ago I set myself the challenge of watching inspirational videos every day. I decided to blog on the videos I watched and share them hoping to inspire others to join[…]

Thoughts Are Powerful Forces – John Kehoe

  About a year ago I discovered an inspirational, motivational speaker called John Kehoe. I listened to an audio of his and was completely uplifted, I did a blog post on him with the audio included, you can listen here Last week I signed up for a 6-week course called  The Complete Mind Power Home[…]

Attraction Marketing – A Game Changer in Online Marketing

Attraction Marketing is one of the new buzz words in digital marketing and for the longest time, I just didn’t understand it. There were elements of it that made sense but it was like piecing the borders of a jigsaw puzzle together but not getting to fill in the middle. There is so much talk[…]

Forties Plus, This Is Your Time To Shine

  40 plus-year-old Entrepreneurs have assets their younger selves wouldn’t have had, they know themselves, they have become comfortable with who they are and what they want! There is so much power in knowing yourself and being at ease with who you are, not needing to prove yourself to anyone but you! Age is NO[…]

The Power Lead System Review

  I recently joined a new affiliate/online marketing platform called The Power Lead System to compliment The Super Affiliate Network (SAN), (another system I’m with). When I first joined I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about but I knew Ace and Rich Guzman were part of it and as they are six-figure earners and leaders in[…]

If I Could Turn Back Time!

  If I could turn back time where would you go? Did you ever see ‘Back to the Future’? The one where actor Michael J. Fox uses a time machine to save his parents marriage? I’m telling you, if I had that Delorean and went back in time just like Marty McFly did I would set the coordinates to May 2007[…]

Record Breaking Month In The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network is growing month by month and creating record breaking sales for the system and its members..   The exciting news is, the best is yet to come…   Joining an Internet Marketing system may seem overwhelming, finding one that not only works, but thrives and is constantly striving to create a better[…]

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career Choice? Traditional Marketing; television, radio, newspapers, magazines, posters etc, still have their place, but as I’m sure everyone is aware, and sadly, all too often, people’s eyes are glued to their smartphones, consuming information from their social networks, google, YouTube and more. They really aren’t observing the outside world as[…]

Do You Prime Yourself?

Have you heard of Tony Robbins Priming or Prime Time? I listened to an awesome, inspirational video today on the Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘Ask Gary Vee’show with special guest Tony Robbins.. Investment, gratitude, creating a fulfilling life, success online and more.. So much value in this video but if I can share one thing for those[…]

When You Wake Up to $1000 Commission

I absolutely love my business and helping people reach their financial goals. It’s absolutely heartwarming to help give people the tools and the guidance to create financial freedom. It’s just as sweet when your efforts pay off and you find a message like this.. Then you check your Ledger and find this   This was[…]

The Dollars Keep Rolling In!

I’ve been with The Super Affiliate Network as an active member since September 16. In the last few days of September, I began my first Solo Ad campaign. I must admit, I was a little nervous about trying out Solo Ads as they were completely new to me. I spent October figuring out how to approach[…]

The World is Changing.. How You Can Change With It..

Traditional systems are breaking down because people are waking up!   Whether it’s changing the political system to reflect what really matter to the people and environment instead of politicians and their investments or having access and choices in the way you manage treatments to health issues, whether it’s being able to purchase quality food[…]

Ignite Your Entrepreneurial DNA

“There are absolutely a ton of entrepreneurs that started their companies when they were forties, fifties, sixties seventies when it was difficult to do such a thing, Sydney Frank who created his Grey Goose didn’t do so until he was in his seventies” Gary Vaynerchuk I look back to my late twenties and remember my[…]

Listen to Your Gut Instinct & Find Success

  Have you ever looked back on a situation and realised you knew things weren’t right but didn’t act on your instinct? A situation that ended up becoming far worse by ignoring it. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I knew I needed to act on something but the thought of it[…]

Generating Leads While Your Sleep

Anyone that has tried to generate lots of leads and struggled will want to read on..   After 18 long months of trying, spending and failing at lead generation I’ve finally cracked it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke this morning to find 88 leads (now 98 and climbing) Not just random leads,[…]