60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 7 – Gregg Braden

The information in this video is mindblowing, life-changing and beyond powerful.

Gregg Braden provides us with such a vitally important awareness of our inner world and it’s connection to all things.

Today’s video was challenging. It lifted me up and stopped my breath at some points yet it also threw up for me some emotional blocks, but that’s what this is all about, removing those blocks to clear the way for new thoughts and feelings. 

To quote Gregg, “What we begin to understand is that this is the place science got it wrong, two places, two assumptions that science has made, modern science and they’re coming full circle and correcting that know, but the first one is, that the space that we believe is empty is not really so empty, it’s full of a living essence of a living material that we’re only just beginning to understand, number 1. And number two, the fact, and it is a fact now, that we may have experience’s inside of our bodies that influence the world beyond our bodies through the conduit of what’s in this space.’

Braden has spent his life studying ancient and indigenous cultures, their traditions and their connection to each other and all that is. He explains how their understandings and beliefs were removed from our spiritual and religious texts many centuries ago, how many ancient and indigenous culture still live by these understanding yet we in Western cultures are only just beginning to figure out through science what they have known for thousands of years.

There is a point where Gregg explains the power of prayer, that ‘prayer’ is the coming together in the heart of our feelings and thoughts. That the feelings around a desired situation must be in alignment with the thoughts to find union in the heart.

That the human heart has the strongest magnetic and electrical field in our body, when we have feelings of love, compassion, kindness and empathy, (any feelings) we change the magnetic field and therefore change our physical reality. When we know how to align our feelings with our desires, anything is possible.

In 1905, Albert Einstein used Max Planck’s idea to show that a beam of light is made up of a stream of particles called photons.  Einstein’s idea is the beginning of the idea in quantum mechanics. So what is Quantum Mechanics? I’m not even going to go there, I’ll let Wikipedia explain 🙂

Gregg relates in the video how Planck equated a living intelligence with in everything in the quantum world, and that thought is also a mirror of the energy found in the quantum world. When emotion and feeling are in alignment with thought, a change can be exacted at the quantum level with proven effects in the world around us.

If that goes over your head, don’t worry, it has mine too, all we need to really grasp is, wanting something, seeing it and conjuring up the feelings of already having it is enough to manifest it into your life, often instantaneously, exciting huh!

Through studying ancient and indigenous cultures Gregg Braden has witnessed ‘prayer’ and ‘miracles’ in action, even witnessing the almost instantaneous healing of cancer without the use of any medicine.

I simply can’t do justice to this information or man. Even after watching the video three times I feel like I need to curl up and sleep so the information can be digested into my subconscious.

I feel Gregg Braden has found the source, the ‘science’ of all the law of attraction teachings and whilst it is simple and beautiful, it challenges me.

I’m going to hand over to Gregg now,

This is where we see science and spirituality meet and where we begin to understand the mechanics behind miracles and how we can create the reality we want.

When we can fully get this, we can live fully.

I hope you got value out of this video, I’d love to hear back from you. We’re seven days along, have you noticed any changes?

Still 53 to go!

Wishing you an abundant day,





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