Do You Blame Yourself For Failing?

Do you have a burning desire to break out of the rut? To find a  path to time and
financial freedom?

I know the feeling well and can honestly say, until a few months
ago I was beginning to feel it was a pipe dream. The frustration of joining an
affiliate system that seems to have  all the affiliate marketing bells and whistles yet
you can’t make it work. A system that has some members striking gold, but nothing
you do seems  to get you close to charcoal let alone gold.

The thing is, when you have that burning desire to take control of your life and nothing
seems to work out, you become so disheartened, you feel hopeless.

I recall waves of self-pity. Why couldn’t I make it work? What was wrong with me? I thought |
on more than one occasion, that I wasn’t destined for a stress-free life. I blamed myself for the lack of success, even though I put 100% of myself into my business. 

No matter how many different marketing approaches I tried, I struggled to generate leads.
How can you get an affiliate business off the ground, when you get 1-3 leads a day and none
of them convert into applications, let alone sales.

If you know the dream and are feeling then frustration and sense of defeat I totally feel for you.
Most of us don’t have the time to spend on creating lead magnets, figuring
out sales funnels and which landing page will work best. That’s why we align
ourselves with affiliate programs that promise to have all of that done for us.

To spend 5 figures on an affiliate system that just doesn’t deliver can really, I MEAN REALLY
make you skeptical and weary. I must admit, I hadn’t thought of looking for another system. I had to keep trying. I was in this with my son’s money, I owed it to him to give it everything I had.

It was by chance that The Super Affiliate Network showed up in my life. Many people
I had known through the other system suddenly seemed to have hit the lead
generating jackpot, and better still, they were making lots of sales.

When I hit the link on one of their posts and saw they weren’t promoting our system
anymore but something new, I was stunned.

Long story short, I realised I wasn’t alone in my struggles. These friends had moved
into a new affiliate program because it filled in all the gaps.

My point in sharing this with you is to say that if you are going through frustration
and a sense of failure chances are, there are a few key steps to building and marketing
that you haven’t been shown. I honestly could feel quite cheated and angry at the old
system I was with for the lack of guidance but what’s the point. I’d rather use
my energy in a positive way in my new venture.

Every journey provides lessons so you take the good with the bad and keep moving toward
your dreams. If you let your angry or sense of defeat get you down, you push your determination
for a better life further and further out of reach.

All I can say to you is keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t just dream about what life
you want, see it, see you in it. Believe it, claim it, get excited by it and keep taking action.

I think that determination not to quit was why I found my way to something that
really is working for me. It’s very easy to blame ourselves or blame others and use that as
a reason to not try and not to trust.

Don’t, only you lose.

There are amazing opportunities out there and people that want to see you
succeed, but the passion and determination must start and stay in you. 

I feel like the program I’m in now has provided me with everything I need to succeed.
Almost like being taken by the hand  and led to massive lead generation and sales. I see the
six-figure earners and I know they have no secrets, they followed the same training, they
didn’t have much ad budget when they began but they had buckets load of drive.

So it’s up to me now to be ‘all in’ and give everything I’ve got to my business and my
dreams. I urge you to do the same. Give it your all.

Remember, no one else can value you more than you value yourself.

Have a blessed day,

Stacey <3

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