Do You Prime Yourself?

Have you heard of Tony Robbins Priming or Prime Time?

I listened to an awesome, inspirational
video today on the Gary Vaynerchuk’s
‘Ask Gary Vee’show with special guest
Tony Robbins..

Investment, gratitude, creating a fulfilling life, success online and more..

So much value in this video but if I can share one thing for those of you that don’t watch the video..

Try starting your day the Tony
Robbins way …with what he calls Priming or his Prime Time

1. Deep Breathing.

Breath in, hold and out through your nose, repeat for one minute.

2. Step into your Gratitude.

Don’t just think of the things you’re grateful for but relive them, feel them, experience the joy of
them of a moment with someone you are grateful for or a thing you love..

Experiencing joyful emotion is POWERFUL in creating more joyful moments.

3. Send out Prayers

or wished for your loved ones, start with your inner circle and move out to pray for all that have impacted your life (for everyone on planet earth!)

4. Pick 3 Goals

you want to achieve that day and visualize the outcome you desire. See it, feel the joy of it and feel grateful for the outcome. You are setting your subconscious up to direct you to your goals.

Okay, this video is packed with so much value, I must share one more nugget of gold.

If you want to Take a Business to the Next Level You must find something you are passionate about..

LOVE what you do.

Ask yourself if your vision and dream has these 3 simply vital ingredients..

  1. It’s Out There
  2. I’m Gonna Find It
  3. It’s Worth It

If you have three yes’s .. What’s holding you back?

Take action today!

And here’s the video..

I hope it helps you find how powerful you are..

Believe In Yourself and You Will Be Unstoppable <3



There’s only two things standing in your way – fear and anger..

Have a fantabulous day!

Stacey <3


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***Just a note of awesomeness abut Tony Robbins, he is donating 100% of all his profits from both of his books below to feed hungry people across the USA***

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