Generating Leads While Your Sleep

Anyone that has tried to generate lots of leads and struggled will want to read on..


After 18 long months of trying, spending and failing at lead generation I've finally cracked it.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke this morning to find 88 leads (now 98 and climbing)

Not just random leads, but highly targeted leads.

I followed some basic instructions and thought why not, let's give it a go and see.

As is our motto at The Super Affiliate Network, 'imperfect action is better than no action.'

I wasn't sure what to expect when I set everything up, but I thought the only way to know is to try.

I'd spent eighteen months chasing leads on social network platforms like Facebook. I tried You Tube, Bing and Pinterest and to be honest, I spent fortunes on just a tiny trickle of 3-4 leads (often zero leads) on most campaigns for most of those 18 months.

Eventually, I began to generate 10 leads per day with Facebook and that felt awesome. I thought I'd cracked it, but those 10 leads were costing me between $7 to $15 each. It was a very long and costly way to build that list, and let's face it, your list is the life blood of Online Marketing.

You may or may not be familiar with Solo Ads. When I began my journey with The Super Affiliate Network one month ago I had heard of them but had been told by my mentors that they were a waste of time and money, that you were basically buying lists full of dead emails and bots, so I never looked any further into the system.

When I heard that many of my online marketing friends were suddenly having amazing success with a new affiliate program I decided to join. I was quite shocked when I went through the training and realised the core of their success had come through generating leads with solo ads. Yet, the results spoke with $$ and lots of thm, many of my friends had struggled to make one sale with the previous platform but were now making 4, 5 and even 6 figure incomes within their first 2-4 months.

Who was I to question the results, the system that had made founder Misha Wilson a 7 figure earner within two years was panning out to do the same for many of his students, I decided to just watch, listen, do.


My email account when I work up this morning





Within my first week, I'd made 4 sales through one customer. I couldn't believe it. What's more, those sales came from an automated system that I had nothing to do with and cost me nothing, I had been given bonus free leads for joining a promotion within SAN (the Super Affiliate Network).

I loved that I had made sales without lifting a finger but realised that if I wanted to really scale up and hit that 6 figure income, I needed to learn how it works, how I can create my own income. As the old adage goes, 'Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.'

So I went through The Solo Ads Success Formula. On becoming a Pro level affiliate within SAN I had been given the formula as another bonus so decided to use it. That, along with some great mentoring from my coach and other leaders within SAN, I was filled with the confidence to test the system.

One week ago I ran my first small solo ad campaign and made two sales within 48 hours whilst driving hundreds of leads with my affiliate link into the in-house 'done for you' sales system. Everything I had been taught was unfolding just as I was shown it would. I was blown away.

After 18 expensive months with the other affiliate platform, I had only made two application sales, yet 3 weeks in with SAN and I'd made 6!

The Solo Ad Success Formula teaches you all the different aspect of getting great solo ad vendors, testing their clicks and scaling up. It teaches you how to use the system to build your list whilst letting the vendor promote your product with a list he/she has already build a know, like and trust relationship with. Once he/she puts your offer out there, the lead, (customer) has the option to opt into your list to find out more. They know what you are about and when they want to find out more, you know they have become warm traffic. 

You may be wondering how you can tell the lists are clean, genuinely interested leads. The SASF (Solo Ad Success Formula) teaches you how to set up systems that put filters in place to do just that. If you want to know more in-depth details on lead generation, take a look at my free give away  Stress Saving Traffic Strategies, you'll 'Discover How to Generate Over 50 Leads a Day on Auto Pilot.'

Better still, if you want the full in-depth training that made Misha Wilson a 7 figure earner and is taking many of his students from zero $ to 6 figures within 4-6 months you'll be better off just grabbing the formula itself. For a tiny $7 you can seriously start taking your online business to the next level and see those leads and sales start to come pouring in by hit this link and  it grab one of the most important investments for your business..

Imagine waking up tomorrow to this..



Imagine what this can do for your business? Hundreds of leads a week for between .35 to 65 cents each.

Invest in you, in your education, follow systems that work rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and your business will flourish. I've seen it, I'm experiencing it, it works for everyone that uses it and follows the instruction, I hope you'll take the plunge and get The Solo Ad Success Formula today.


Let Lead Gen Stress become Lead Gen Joy within the next few days.


To Your Every Success


Stacey & Sim

Mum & Somn Digitsl Marketing Coaches







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