How I Attracted Everything on My Wish List & More!

The power to change your life is in your hands!
Just over a year ago I set myself the challenge of watching inspirational videos every day.
I decided to blog on the videos I watched and share them hoping to inspire others to join me on the journey.
I had no idea what power was about to unfold over the coming year.
When this journey began, I was feeling the stress mounting of my son’s upcoming wedding, I worried about how we were going to pay our share, how were we going to cope financially with a LOT of family joining us from overseas, how was I going to afford a new car as mine was just about to die.
My son’s wedding was in winter here in Australia, a very quiet time of year for landscaping (our business) and my new online business income was only trickling in.
The anxiety I had lived with for over a decade due to Hashimoto’s disease increased every time I thought about the wedding and it costs.
Our house renovations that were nowhere near completed & I was beginning to dread my son’s wedding.
Not good huh!
So I began watching inspirational video’s each day, I not only watched them, I took notes on them, then blogged on them.
What astounded me was that within the first 2 weeks, I began to wake up with energy and feel AMAZING and POWERFUL.
Many of the inspirational speakers spoke about writing down what you want. I wrote down I wanted to finish the house renovations, be able to cover ALL our wedding costs, get a new car, have plenty of work for our business and have enough extra income to enjoy the family.
I didn’t dwell on the things I wanted, just tried to accept them as sorted and kept watching and learning, soon enough I was literally on a natural high every day.
I felt invincible, a feeling I hadn’t felt for decades tbh!
I didn’t seem to spend time stressing about the wedding, I was too busy feeling good, and from all I was learning, feeling good creates more reasons to feel good!!
But, after around 60 days of blogging, I stopped.
It was time to spend my days working with my hubby and getting things sorted around the house.
I really missed the daily routine and planned to get back to it just as soon as I could but life got busier and busier.
What struck me though was the peacefulness and inner calm didn’t go away.
Week by week as the wedding approached I had developed a trust that all will be fine approach. The more I trusted, the more I saw changes.
My online business was starting to pick up momentum, I attracted some unexpected sales, with BIG commissions and our landscaping business was improving too.
The wedding fast approached, I was swamped with tasks and house renovations, after all, it was a BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING haha! Guests started to arrive and wedding fever was in full swing.
Everything fell perfectly into place, we had a wonderful wedding, and spending time with the family was so special.
It was only a few weeks ago when I decided to share my 60 Days of Inspirational Videos again that I recalled all the worries of a year ago, the wishlist I had created when I began my videos last year and more importantly, how they had ALL been reached without me having to do a thing. Most bizarrely though, was that I hadn’t even realised just how much change had taken place and how many gifts had flowed our way in the past 12 months!
The Universe had showered us with unexpected gifts and opportunities aplenty.
We seemed to attract one thing after another. Money came to us by way of a gift to help pay for the wedding expenses, my son went out and bought me a lovely new car, I was GIFTED a house and land as an inheritance, all without me asking, expecting or knowing these things were going to happen.. work and sales kept coming along with little extra effort, at times, it felt like we are literally being showered with all that we need and more, much more..
After years and I mean decades of struggling, this last year was absolutely amazing, the wedding was incredible, time with people we love can’t even be measured, feeling such inner peace and joy throughout the entire journey was such an unexpected delight, being flooded with gifts AND knowing that the gifts are still flowing humbles me beyond words.
The cause? 
Really letting go, learning that you can’t worry your life into becoming what you want it to be, you can’t live in the space of struggle and fear yet expect abundance and joy.
What you focus your mind on, will magnetise to you more of the same. 
If I were given $10 for every time I heard or read that, I’d be a millionaire by now, but somewhere along the journey of studying the teachings of all the inspirational speakers I’ve blogged about, my mindset changed.
I recognised I had to work on changing my thoughts but for me, the best way of doing that was to be uplifted every single day in a way that raised my vibration, made me grateful to be alive and open to the magic and abundance of the universe.
Rather than consciously trying and change what has been programmed over my lifetime, I do believe, their daily videos, reprogrammed my mind for me.
I just kept on doing what I was doing but with a new mindset, and life changed around me!
I’m so excited by this. If I, the one that has been reading and attempting to make the LOA work for nearly 10 years but failed every time could finally break through, so can anyone… YES… YOU!
Why not try it, it’s FREE!
Go to Day 1 and start reading, listening and taking notes. 
What have you got to lose?
Make a wishlist before you begin, then forget about it.
Id love to get feedback from you and am so excited to share the journey with you 🙂

Wishing you an abundant day





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