Ignite Your Entrepreneurial DNA

“There are absolutely a ton of entrepreneurs that started their companies when they were forties, fifties, sixties seventies when it was difficult to do such a thing, Sydney Frank who created his Grey Goose didn’t do so until he was in his seventies” Gary Vaynerchuk
I look back to my late twenties and remember my mum telling me to go back to college. My answer was something like this, “I’m too old, I have children, by the time I’ve finished studying I’ll be in my thirties. No one will want to employ me at that age”
How crazy was that, too old in my early thirties!
Back then, things were less flexible than they are today but not that extreme, women in their thirties definitely got jobs. The problem wasn’t whether I could get a job or not, it was my mindset.
How different both my mindset and life is now.
You are never too old, not even in your seventies. Mindset is everything. Today, anyone with that entrepreneurial DNA, even a tiny spark can turn it into a glorious flame. There are a million opportunities out there, especially on the web.
Do yourself one HUGE kindness today and listen to six and a half minutes of Gary Vaynerchuk.
You have so much life left to accomplish your dreams, even in your 60’s and 70’s but especially in your 40’s and 50’s and excitingly, you have countless ways to do it!


You can have excuses or results. There’s not only so much life to live, but so much money to make and fun to have.
With a change of mindset, a daily dose of motivation and plenty of action, you could be well on your way to your dream life in 12 months from now… or, you could be where you are now.
You choose!
Stacey & Sim Adams
Online Marketing Coaches

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