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Have you ever looked back on a situation and realised you knew things weren’t right but didn’t act on your instinct? A situation that ended up becoming far worse by ignoring it.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I knew I needed to act on something but the thought of it scared me. I would find excuses for why I shouldn’t take action and hope that some day soon it would all resolve itself. It just doesn’t, more often than not when your gut feeling is telling you to make a change and you don’t, the situation ends up forcing change upon you.
I do believe we have an inner guidance system, what we call gut feeling is there by design to forewarn us. We are, after all, animals, and like all animals we have instinct. Animals rely on their instinct almost entirely but as humans, we have intelligence so we have a tendency to ‘rationalise’ our thoughts.
Many times over the years I’ve immediately known my husband shouldn’t go into partnership with certain people or should steer away from certain ‘opportunities.’ No matter how often I would warn him, though, he didn’t listen. Every time we paid a hefty price and on analysis, he would tell me he didn’t have a good feeling about his decisions either but allowed himself to be lured in rthe prospect of success.
As a mother, you have strong instincts for your children’s wellbeing. I recall the first day I met my eldest son’s girlfriend, I immediately loved her and knew she was perfect for him. I know they were going to marry and told everyone. Five years on and we’re planning their wedding.
 When son number two brought his girlfriend home I felt the complete opposite. My gut feeling from a two-minute conversation was that the young lady wasn’t who she appeared to be. I felt an overwhelming need to tell my son to be careful. Of course, I couldn’t, not after one meeting. He would think I was being completely unreasonable and it could have possibly created a distance between us.
Yet, every time she visited, that uneasy feeling got stronger and stronger. They dated for many months and in that time I saw my son begin to change. He seemed more withdrawn, his easy going nature faded away and he seemed tense. One day I had the ‘instinct’ to say something. I had avoided it for months because I’d not wanted to offend or hurt him, but that day I woke with the instinct to say something, it hit like a thunderbolt and I couldn’t ignore it.
So I went to his room and gently express my concerns.  I half expected him to become defensive and annoyed but he didn’t, he agreed with me and thanked me. He had become so lost in the relationship and her emotional grip on him that he’s lost sight of how he was changing and just how uneasy he was feeling about her, he told me about the many untruths he had excused over the course of their relationship. He asked my advice and listened. I explained how it’s never easy to end a relationship when you know the other person is going to get hurt, but staying, in the long run, will do far more damage when you know it’s not right. Within a week he had broken it off. He looks back at that time and realises how many lies he had been told, how much deception and manipulation had taken place and how blinded he had been to it.
When son number three introduced me to his young lady a year ago, again, I immediately knew she was the one. From that first meeting, I told the rest of my family that I think they’ll end up getting married. Everyone laughed at me,  saying I’d only met her once, how could I make such a massive call! Well, a year on and they’re going strong, everyone in the family now agrees they can see these two being together for life. They’re crazy about each other and bring out the best in each other.
These are just small ways that show us how connected we are not only to that animal instinct within each of us, but how connected we are to each other on a subconscious level.

Our Instinct Verses Our Thoughts

Our instincts are a deep twinge, nudge or pull towards something, they are not just our thoughts, if fact instincts will often make themselves known even when our thoughts are trying to go against them.
Sometimes we simply need to get out of the way and listen to our instincts. Whether we feel something is wrong or something is right, someone needs us or we’ve offended someone. Whether we fear we are in danger or need to just pack our bags and take a trip. If we get that nagging feeling or that sudden but alarming urge to act, we should follow through. 
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 As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more in-tune with my instincts, whether it’s to avoid certain people, situations or places to whether I should go to the doctor or call someone that’s been in my thoughts. My instincts have served me well. The number of times I have called a friend or family member because they were on my mind only to find out something was very wrong, or avoided going somewhere only to later learn there had been trouble. My instincts have very often served me well.
When I first checked out The Supper Affiliate Network my instincts immediately kicked in. I had an unexplainable desire to sign up there and then. Now I was already heavily invested in another affiliate programme. The Super Affiliate Network wasn’t the only affiliate programme I’d come across where I’d seen friends do well, but something about this system peaked my interests A LOT.
My rational brain said don’t spread your energies elsewhere, stick to what you’re doing. Bailing is failing. Then it said, how about running the two systems at the same time. Or, use the training from the new system to leverage the old.
Sim, my son, and business partner also tried to persuade me not to move, or to at least use the new system to enhance the old. Yet know matter what deterring thoughts came my way, my gut instinct knew this is where I should invest my time and energy.
Well, today I made my 8th sale in just over a month. I’m so thrilled, they keep popping up and sometimes I don’t even know where from. I made two application sales in 18 months with the other system. Imagine where I’ll be after 18 months with this system at this rate.
Out of curiosity I just did the maths, if I stay at 8 leads each month, none of them scale up and none of them earn anything, I will still be earning $7,200 a month and climbing. In the old system, I didn’t even earn $250 in 18 months..
If your instincts are telling you to look into this opportunity, to go for it, then pay attention. I am one of 100’s that are growing a business in a way we never imagined we could ever do. How would $7,200 a month extra income sound to you? If I can do 8 sales in my first month barely lifting a finger, anyone can, AND yes, that means you can.
Follow your gut, it’s only $1 for the first month and you can always unsubscribe within the 30 days if you don’t feel it’s for you. At least spend the $1 to listen to your gut and then decide.
Have an awesome and intuative day,
Stacey (and Sim)

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