Maybe Your Dreams Aren’t That Important

Most of us have things we would like to experience or achieve. We might dream of buying a new car, taking a holiday, meeting that special someone, we may dream of retiring our significant other to spend more quality time together or writing that book bursting for freedom from the confinement of our thoughts. Whatever those dream are, they serve as escapism, something we enjoy thinking about and something to keep us motivated. But are we limiting our potential by investing time in only our dream?

I heard recently that its all very ‘nice’ to have a dream but what’s the vision, what’s your purpose beyond your dreams, what do you want your legacy to be?

Dreams are what your wants for yourself, Visions are for the world around you..

It got me thinking. Do I have a vision? In truth, my answer was fractured. Sure there are things that I’m passionate about, too many to list here, but am driven to make them my lifes aim? Do I believe it is possible that I can make my visions a reality?… I’d like to say yes, but truthfully, I haven’t really believed I can make a significant difference or maybe more accurately, I’ve been so focused on the day to day ups and downs of my life that I haven’t really focused on having a vision and working to make it a reality.

As I listened to this live webinar by a man called Ray Higdon, I felt inspired. I felt there’s more to life than having a dream, there’s a grand purpose within each of us. The sense of purpose I felt in those few moments was more energized and propelling than any individual dreams I’ve hoped to achieve. It struck me that when we have a plan, a bigger picture and desire to make the world a better place, we create a positive energy within us and around us. Whether we speak up about things that we believe need to change or should be shown more compassion and understanding like suicide, bullying and mental heath issues or educate people to become healthier or inspire people to follow their passions in entrepreneurship or the arts, when we know we are here on this planet to not just achieve for ourselves but for those around us we get lifted!

Sure, we’re not all going to be activists with the passion, connections and reach that someone like Russell Brand might have, but helping one person is just as valuable.

I have often heard and believed that doing good for others, being of service, is the most powerful way to attract all that you want and whilst I’ve not shied away from reaching out to help others in need, I haven’t done so with a purpose or with the expectation of receiving. To be honest, that notion of doing in anticipation of receiving has always struck me as self serving, diluting the meaning behind being of service. Yet, in this brief moment of listening, I saw things very differently. It’s not about being of service in order that you attract what you desire, it’s about being of service selflessly, having a vision and the drive to create change, being motivated by the very prospect of making the world around you feel brighter and lighter.

The bonus that come from working at the vision is that the little dreams somehow get weaved into your life as par for the course whilst your not actually even focused on them.

Let me share an example of this that I’ve been experiencing lately. For years I’ve had fluctuating weight issues. With a low thyroid it has been a constant battle to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve tried numerous diets, bought books, watched videos, joined weight watcher, fasted, juiced, paleo’d, you name it I’d tried it. At times I would lose a fair amount of weight only to gain it and more back again when I could no longer tolerate the diet plan. I was aware that for these ‘diets’ to work they had to be a way of life not a pit stop yet none of them offered me a way of life I could handle indefinitely.

About three months ago, when I was just about at my heaviest, I had quite honestly just given up on diets all together. Nothing was working, even without eating gluten and following a relatively healthy diet the numbers on the scales were going up and up at an alarming rate and I was disheartened to say the least.

Then one Sunday afternoon, my husband told me to watch ‘That Sugar Film,’ by Australian filmmaker Damon Gameau. Damon decided to document the effects of eating supposedly healthy processed foods for 60 days having previously eaten a low sugar, very healthy diet of meat, fish, fruit, veg, natural yogurt, whole grain etc.

As I watched the beginning of this documentary I figured it’s another ‘Super Size Me,’ documentary. I wasn’t particularly enthused and was completely unprepared for the enormous impact it was about to have on my life. Over 60 days Damon Gameau didn’t eat burgers, chocolates, lollies or cakes, he ate products touted as ‘healthy’ like muesli bars, fruit juices, flavored yogurts, low fat dairy and cereals.

Watching the effect of this diet on a healthy young man was a shocking eye opener. Gaining weight was the least shocking revelation, his moods swing between sugar highs and craving lows, to his brain fog, tiredness and acne were all things I could relate to. More disturbingly than that was how I had been feeding my children ‘healthy’ foods believing I was doing the right thing, where in fact, I had been giving them a high sugar diet. Through the documentary Gameau discussed the sugar and health food industries sharing fact like, if you removed all foods containing sugar from super market shelves only 20% of food would remain and showing the effects of sugar on the body in a short space of time and scientific studies on how sugar is more addictive than cocaine, 8 times more addictive according to studies done by Dr Nicole Avena, a highly respected addiction scientist.

By the end of the documentary I had ended my love affair with chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc and decided no more low fat dairy, no more ‘healthy’ processed foods or juices. Basically, sugar was going to be once in a while thing instead of every day.

Now this was kind of a big deal for me, I loved chocolate. Even when dieting I would look forward to a cheat day where I could enjoy even a few pieces of chocolate and when I wasn’t dieting chocolate was my comforting friend. I never ever imagined I could say goodbye to chocolate but from that day to this I’ve taken one bite out of a one single chocolate from a box of chocolates my husband bought for me for valentines day. It was so insanely sickly that I spat it out..

My sugar cravings have almost disappeared and on the two occasions they’ve shown up, I’ve had a small bowl of ice-cream. My day to day love affair with sugar has finished. As a result I have lost 8 kilos in weight, my migraine headaches have reduced drastically, I have far more clarity of thought and am less washed out during the day. The even bigger bonus, my 14 year old daughters migraines have almost gone away.

If you’re interested to know more about That Sugar Film take a look at this trailer..

Going back to the bigger picture, I couldn’t give up sugar when it was about dieting, yet when it was about being disgusted with the sugar industry, about being manipulated by so called health food manufacturers and about undoing the damage I had inadvertently inflicted of my family, I could do it in a heart beat. Maybe the dream of being slim just wasn’t that important to me after all, but the vision of a healthy family and taking back my power definitely was and with that vision came many bonuses I had long been distressed over.

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose or vision is? Maybe wanting the big house or the long over due holiday aren’t enough on their own, but what can you achieve when you think about the bigger picture of your life? Where’s your passion, what’s important to you? Let the fires burn, let your visions give you a focus, within each and every one of us is a higher purpose, there are changes you and I can be instrumental in creating to make this world better for us all. Let them unfold, feel the energy and excitement of what you can do and let it propel you forward, your dreams will become your bonuses, your legacy will be a brighter, happier world.

Big Love,


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