Online Success – What’s The Missing Secret Ingredient?

What is the missing ingredient to success online?

Affiliate Marketers understand that Traffic + Conversion = Sales

Yet there’s a missing piece of the puzzle that you are often not told about. The 4th piece of the puzzle being Economics. Favorable economics ensuring you make a profit on the product(s) you’re selling in order to re-invest and grow your business.


In affiliate marketing we have what is known as the Tactical Triangle.

T = Traffic

C = Conversion

E = Economics

In order to sell something we need to get (T) Traffic, then (C) convert the traffic and thirdly we need to create  (E ) Economics, in other words, making a profit on the product/service you are selling so you can re-invest into your business to help it grow.

So how do you create favorable economics?

Most people are focused on getting as many customers as they possibly can but this  can be time consuming and hold you back. When you have a good product in place and you are problem solving and building a good relationship with the customers on your list, you will have happy customers who will trust you and want to buy more from you.

Consumer lifecycle marketing business diagram management strategy concept chart illustration

Through building a know, like and trust relationship with your customers and being happy to go that extra mile you will find it much easier to sell your higher ticket products or services, therefore, the higher ticket products create greater profits.

Rather than constantly focusing your time and money on enticing lots of customers to just buy the ‘tripwire’ product (the low ticket product at the front end), focus on building  relationships and trust, understand what your customers needs are and try to provide them with a reliable, quality service. We all like to feel special right!

You’re more likely to lose customers who haven’t invested very much and didn’t feel the love because they’ve now gone elsewhere where they are being better taken care of.

REMEMBER… The money isn’t in the list, it is in the relationship with your list…

Selling more products and services to your original customers gives you a much better chance of them buying higher ticket products down the road which feeds the econmics of your business…

High ticket product =  High commissions = Re-invest = Making profits

Your success depends on psychology and maths. You want to make sales 24/7, 7 days a week. You want residual income!

The psychology – (how you attract customers) is in the capture page, the Facebook ad, the video, the blog post etc, . The maths – ( knowing you will make a profit) is through reverse engineering, focusing on the end result, the favourable economics and work backwards making sure everything is in place and congruent to reap those sales and get a positive return on every campaign we do.


The 80/20 rule

Graph diagram pie chart 3d isolated on white background20% of the sales process accounts for 80% results.

If you spend 80% of your time, learning, rebuilding websites, listening to webinars, waiting until you’re feeling more confident, perfect, you will only gain 20% results. Give this part of your business only 20% of your time and spend 80% putting things into action, buying traffic, generating leads, building a relationship with your leads, getting hands on will help you learn so much faster by actually doing instead of wasting time, doing less important things or things you can delegate to other people by outsourcing..

When you have a good business model in place, it becomes easy to to achieve positive return on every $ you spend on traffic.

This is the nuts and bolts on marketing, it’s vital to know but one big fail point for most marketers is surviving the famine.. that time while you’re building your business, with little or no income coming in!

Why The Super Affiliate Network is having such enormous popularity & success among seasoned and new online marketers is that it reduces if not eliminates the ‘famine.’ With a ‘done for you’ system that converts your leads into customers by Misha Wilson & his team, you can let the system earn you an income while you learn and build your own business. I did just that and made my first sale within the first week of starting. I had the peace of mind of knowing the experts were converting my leads while I was learning the ropes, building relationships and putting into practice all the training I received.

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