Our Mission

Our Mission has been to create a lifestyle where we can choose what to do with each day without having to be answerable to a boss or customers or financial pressures and to share our knowledge and skills with like-minded passionate people.

To have time freedom and the ability to live life on your terms seems like a luxury afforded to the few, but through being determined and consistent, in this day and age, that lifestyle is achievable for many. We’ve been inspired by what we have seen is possible in this digital economy and now, with our knowledge through The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) teaching program, we can provide help to anyone with the passion for finding *time and money freedom.

There’s an entrepreneur inside most of us, but, many of us end up choosing the security of a regular wage over the unknown and uncharted waters of becoming an entrepreneur. All too often we stay with what’s safe and put off our entrepreneurial aspirations for later on in life. But our opportunities have changed, we live in a digital economy where most of us have access to the internet and have basic computer skills, those two things plus determination and passion can open the door to a whole new lifestyle, a laptop lifestyle.

With our education and business system, the laptop lifestyle is attainable for those that are prepared to learn new skills. If you want to create a life where you work from your laptop, work when you choose and from where ever in the world you choose through owning and running your own thriving digital business, The Super Affiliate Network can be the vehicle to get you there.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Our Mission fulfilled on a grand scale. To live, teach and inspire thousands, to recognize their inner power to create a life of security and time wealth. We feel passionately about making the best of life. We are so aware of how fleeting life is and how it should be treasured & enjoyed, not lost to worry and fear.

Every life we can enrich and inspire makes our lives dreams come true!

Some months ago we decided that we no longer wanted to feel smothered by traditional business or employment, we wanted to take the years of experience we have between us and invest our time and effort in digital entrepreneurship. We all had different reasons to want out of the old life, but the common thread with us all was FREEDOM.

We wanted financial freedom and lasting security. We wanted to break out of the restraints of a set wage or bricks & mortar business and wanted to be able to earn money 24/7 even whilst we slept, holidayed and used our time doing things we enjoyed. We wanted ‘freedom, we wanted to make decisions each day about how we spent that day.

We’re not 9-5’ers, we all have an entrepreneurial spirit that doesn’t suit being told when to work, what to do and how much our efforts are worth. Not that we mind hard work, we don’t, we relish a challenge, we love learning, conquering and achieving, but we like to do it because we are making a difference and are able to put our heart and soul into what we do without having to have our wings clipped by protocol, rules, regulations and office politics. This might all sound idealistic and whimsical, but we believe our lives are worth more & we’ve been prepared to step out of what is comfortable to find it.

Taking Action

More and more frequently we were hearing about online entrepreneurs who we’re creating ‘huge overnight success,’ (though it’s very unlikely that their success actually was overnight success, most often, lots of behind the scenes work was done). Yet even with the foundation-laying work, people were still telling stories of going from broke to wealth within months. Of course, there’s always skepticism when you hear such stories, but we weren’t just reading about the success of strangers, we were hearing about friends and their family making great incomes by going digital so we figured there must be something in it.

After much procrastination and quite by chance, I came across an article on Affiliate Marketing training, being mentored and creating a business from home. The Super Affiliate Network sounded almost too good to be true, but our gut feeling and then our due diligence; said they were the real deal so, as they say, the rest is history.

Since joining, we began with training and one on one mentoring by some of the very best and most successful digital marketers in the industry. As a family of online marketers with a mission to inspire people to be bold, to have the courage to create changes in their lives so that they can live life on their terms.

You see, we have had our fair share of ups and down just like everyone, but we’ve remained focused on our blessings rather than our sorrows. We’ve learned that no matter how tough things get, an attitude of gratitude is the greatest asset anyone can have and best of all, it’s free.

We’ve also realized, doing the same things the same way will only create the same results. We’ve decided to see our vision clearly, understand our mission and create our path towards it. It’s truly empowering when you let go of the opinions and expectations of others and start concerning yourself with what you want and need to feel fulfilled. After all, other people will think what they want and have every right to, but their thoughts are their business. Our thoughts are our business. Letting go of our need to fit in, to follow the straight line and not lose favor is wasting our energy.

With our skills as digital entrepreneurs, we can help guide you (if you are interested) to the tools and skills we use so you too can tap into this vast and ever-growing digital economy to create real and legitimate income whilst utilizing your time to make your life better.

With the right support and mentoring from some of the most successful digital entrepreneurs, you can possess the tools you need to become an online marketer working from your laptop anywhere in the world. Let us help you reclaim your life.