Record Breaking Month In The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network is growing month by month

and creating record breaking sales for the system and its



The exciting news is, the best is yet to come…


Joining an Internet Marketing system may seem overwhelming,

finding one that not only works, but thrives and is constantly

striving to create a better education, support, coaching, opt-ins and

ultimately sales for each of its students is something of a windfall and

shouldn’t be overlooked without serious consideration first.


I personally didn’t do very much in my online business during the month

of April as I went away on holiday where the internet was very weak, then returned home

to do some major house renovations which meant unplugging

the wifi, as frustrating as it was to not be active, I still made a Pro sale

which equals a $1000 commission… Not bad for zero effort!




Just to give you a glimpse of the excitement we as members of SAN (The Super Affiliate Network)

are feeling, take a look at the internal Facebook post Misha Wilson shared recently..


Misha Wilson

30 April at 03:46

Hey Super Affiliate Network family!

Another record month is in the books, and we still have one more day in the month to go!

On top of that, we’ve been working on 3 items behind the scenes that when we roll, I’m confident will make you guys more money more quickly as SAN affiliates, and simultaneously improve functionality and user friendliness on the backend for all of you!

Our high ticket backend offer is going to improve (more sales for you), and the process in which we close the sale is going to improve simultaneously (more sales for you).

I’ll bring you all into the loop when we’ve dialed in and finalized everything on the backend, and I think you’ll be pretty fired up (especially if you’re positioned to earn Maui Intensive sales).

1/2 of the battle in creating success is understanding that you’re in the right place at the right time.

The other 1/2 is executing and taking action in order to capitalize.

Right now, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME.

The members of SAN who understand that fact and as a result are taking massive action in their SAN businesses are cashing in BIG.

From Keysha Bass‘s insane number of PRO sales last month… to Wes Fry stepping up out of nowhere to crush the leaderboards in the last weeks… To the fabulous Ace and Rich earning nearly $10,000 last month OFF OF THEIR TEAMS EFFORTS ALONE (if that’s not leverage, I don’t know what is)…

The system works if you take action every single day, follow the Super Affiliate Laws every single day, and put in the work.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to the industry or have an existing audience that you can tap into….

Focus on providing value to the marketplace, running your ads consistently, leveraging the done for you components of the system, and on helping your team members succeed.

If you didn’t get to this last live event, get to the next one.

Stay focused on producing, understand that there’s always an object out there that looks shinier, and don’t let them distract you.

Understand that you have everything that you need to succeed right here at your fingertips right now, and understand that whatever your goals may be, you absolutely can hit them, as long as you stay true to the process and follow the laws…

Generate leads and build your list daily…

Follow up with your leads daily…

Work on your mindset daily…

Position yourself to earn big…

Always invest in yourself and your intellectual capital…

And attend all of the live events…

See you at the top!

Misha Wilson


Pretty awesome stuff right there –

If you, like so many of The Super Affiliate Network members

are feeling the desire to build wealth for yourself

now and into the future that doesn’t depend on being employed,

on the economic climate, on local trade, on the seasons or holidays,

on being in good health or even being stuck in front of a laptop,

indulge yourself in finding out how simple this system is

and how easily you can create wealth with our $7 / 30-day trial,

no obligation if you feel like it’s not going to fit into your life, but if you don’t

at least take a look and see how life changing this system

has proven to be over and over again..


Have an awesome day,

Be Bold and Believe in Your Power to Create Your Dreams,


Stacey 🙂


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