60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 4 – Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret in the World…

“I’d like you tell you about the strangest secret in the world. Some years ago, the late Nobel prize-winning Dr. Albert Schweitzer was being interviewed in London and the reporter asked him, “Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?”

The great doctor was silent a moment, and then he said,

“Men simply don’t think.”

That is as true today as it was back in the 1950’s.

In other words, we follow the path laid out before us. Even when we can see the outcome of doing what we’re doing,
we carry on doing what we’re doing, hoping that the outcome will miraculously manifest our dream life.

Are you seriously taking action to change your life, to act upon your dreams?

Do you keep a focused mindset on success and happiness?

Today’s inspirational video is by Earl Nightingale. Earl Nightingale was abandoned by both parents, his childhood was one of great hardship. In his early teens, he was moved into a tent and raised there until he
went into the army at 17 years old. His poor childhood sparked a curiosity and determination in him to better himself.

In 1949 he read Napolean Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (click here for a free download of Napolean Hill’s book). Earl claims his life was changed after reading these 6 words, “We Become What We Think About,”

It became his life’s mission to understand the difference between those that have and those that do not, he believed the right mindset could make any man and woman rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Quite simple he came to the same conclusion as Napolean Hill, “we become what we think about. Now let me say that again, we become what we think about”.”

He also said, ‘As I drove along, I was struck by the similarity of that machine with the human mind. Just suppose you are sitting at the controls of such a vast source of energy. Are you going to sit back and fold your arms and let it run itself into a ditch or are you going to keep both hands firmly on the wheel and control and direct this power to a specific, worthwhile purpose?”

It’s up to you. You’re in the driver’s seat.'”

You and I are in charge of our own vast source of energy. Within each of us is the same capability to turn our current circumstance into our dream life. We have many other massive advantages, we have seen his findings work in numerous other motivational speakers inspired by his work, we have access to all the different books, pdf’s, audios and videos at the click of a button, as we also have numerous opportunities to create wealth.”

To get your own copy of Earl Nightingales ‘Greatest Discovery,’ click here.”

To start growing your dreams and build tremendous wealth, create the success in your thoughts then take action.”

Enjoy this video (audio) and the two free books.”

There’s enough information in here to feast your mind on for at least a few days.”

I love them, I love the old way they speak but more than anything, I love that the secrets to changing our entire lives begin with our thoughts…

Get that goal written on a card and keep looking at it every day!”


Have an amazing day,”





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