60 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 3 – Les Brown

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. We want more, we see more and we can create more.. Ultimately, we know we are worthy and capable of MORE.
Yet, it’s a tumultuous ride, we can go from feast to famine and back again within weeks, but as
Les Brown reminds us, ‘it’s possible’ It’s possible to want more and go out there and create it, and something within you knows that.
Most people will see ‘an opportunity’ and automatically say no! An entrepreneur will see an opportunity and automatically say YES.. and quite often have light bulb moments on how to make the opportunity bigger and better.
To be a pioneer, to feed the greatness in you, you need to take chances, work when no one else will work, do what
no one else will do and not settle with having to ask someone else when you need to see a doctor or take a holiday!
An entrepreneur knows he/she is worthy and CAN achieve anything they put their mind too. An entrepreneur plants the seed in their mind and doesn’t let a fearful, doubtful environment or thoughts stop that seed from growing. We are aware that no matter how determined we are to succeed, by initiation, we will experience failure yet we soon dust ourselves off and realise we didn’t fail, we have been given an opportunity to learn valuable lessons. We have fertilised the seed.
We know the seed won’t become a tree overnight, we know that will have to weather different climates but that each environment will strengthen us and help us to grow. If you have the intention to create a life that honours your dreams, that fulfils your passion and brings you the freedom to decide where and when you will work, where and when you will travel and where and when you will give your time to others you are 90% of the way to creating it, now take inspired action, expect to stumble and know each fall makes you more resilient than the last.
So with a heart full of encouragement for you through the difficult seasons, I invite you to listen to this humorous and truly inspired man. He will pick you up and put you back on the path with more enthusiasm and power than ever before.
This video is the third in our series on 60 Days of Inspiration. As I listened today I felt my back straighten. my shoulders go back and my belief in myself soar. I hope you can take the time to feed Les Brown’s inspiration to your mind. With every day’s video’s you are swapping your reality for your dreams.

Listen out for some golden quotes, have a pad and pen ready, write them on ‘post it’ pages and stick them on your bathroom mirror or an vision board. Let me know your thoughts. You are three days in, are you noticing any mindset changes? I know I am![spacerheight=”10px”]



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