Stop, Breathe, Feel Connected!

A meadow blanketed in flowers is only as beautiful as it is because of every flower there.

Some may be taller, more vibrant and colourful, but alone, they are no more important than the others, they are all a vital part of the beauty, just like you are a vital part of all that is.

They cannot see how together they are breathtakingly stunning, if they were capable of conscious thought and like us humans, they may be focused on what makes them feel less than perfect. How many of them would feel they should hide away, riddled with insecurities!

From a human standpoint, we see ourselves as separate, we focus on what we are not, what we haven’t got, on how envious we are of those that seem to be more vibrant than us yet from the higher perspective, WE ARE ALL AS VIBRANT AND VITAL AS EACH OTHER.

We may be different but different should be embraced, and even with our differences, we are one and the same, the human ‘blanket of flowers’ is only as perfect as it is because each one of us are in it, of it, made if the same stuff, sharing the journey..

So think about taking a few moments each day to feel the connection and to be grateful for your unique part in the much bigger picture.  x

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