I sat in silence this morning and asked what I need to know, this is what I heard.

'Stop fearing the unknown. You will never know how good your life can be until you face what holds you back.'

I don't know about you, but I have a number of fears that hold me back, one is fully putting myself out there in terms of my online work.

We all have an inner desire to be somewhere that we are not, to be in a life that fulfils us and inspires us every day. We all know that to get there we need to take action but very often, taking action means relinquishing something that may not fully serve us, but is comfortable, is what we are used to.

I've always told my children to embrace life, to make it happen the way they want it to happen and to be fearless, yet I am not doing either.

Can you relate? Are you aware of what steps you need to take to steer your life towards your dreams?

There are simple steps to prepare ourselves, like facing something new every day, or like doing something for you every day, something you may be avoiding.

Maybe exercise or a change in diet, maybe meditating or spending more quality time alone, or with loved ones. Maybe doing something that brings you joy, like taking up a hobby, starting yoga or tai chi, a dance class or theatre group.
Each time we implement something that is for us, we empower ourselves. We also show ourselves the kindness we want the universe to show us, the universe can only lead by our example, It will reflect back to us what we feel our worth is.

What's your worth?

Why not start showing you more love and kindness on a daily basis.. Are you worth more? Of course, you are, you don't even know how amazing you are because you probably haven't met the empowered version of you or it's been a very long time since you saw glimpses of her.

Why not begin to introduce yourself to the fully empowered version of you today ❤


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