Stress Saving Traffic Stratergies

Frustrated and sick of throwing money away on lead generation?

By implementing these four steps, traffic generation & lack of sales will become a thing of the past..


Have you been down the frustrating route of marketing through Facebook, You Tube, Bing, google adwords & more, navigating compliance, spending lots of $$ only to get slow or no results?

After 12 months of struggle, spending over $5k in advertising and only acquiring 240 leads I decided I couldn't carry on throwing money away. I felt disheartened, overwhelmed and confused, I seriously was questioning what I was doing and feeling guilty every time I paid another cent towards trying to get a lead. My leads had started out costing me over $20 a time on some platforms, but over time I'd manager to get them down to $7, that felt great but getting a lead is only a small part of the equation. If your lead isn't a quality lead, you're just wasted money on them and made Facebook, YouTube etc a little richer.

I must admit, I'd really begun to enjoy the creativity and challenge involved in targeting the market, I also enjoyed connecting and trying to offer solutions to people needing to find a new direction, but as time went on I realized I couldn't help others when I couldn't consistently help myself.

That's when I discovered a new affiliate system with a completely different approach to marketing. I took the training, followed the sound advice and gave Solo Ads a try. A Solo ad is a email style ad sent out to a vendors list that you purchase clicks from. Solo ad marketing work extremely well and are highly targeted at all MMO (Make Money Online) offers.

I'd never ever considered Solo Ads as a traffic source. To be frank, my previous mentors had flat out told me they are a waist of time and money. You can imagine my confusion, not to mention frustration when I joined a new affiliate program whose affiliates were having amazing success...with Solo Ads.

I was surrounded by success stories from people I knew, people that had previously barely made a sale in the old system we were in but we're now thriving so I followed the training and within 7 days... yep, 7 days, I made 4 sales!

Now when you consider it had taken me over one years to make one sale with the other affiliate program, I was beginning to realize I had been chasing leads in the wrong places and pouring money down the drain whilst doing so. When I think of how massive my list would be now if I'd used that $5K on quality Solo Ads and how different my marketing journey would have been I cringe.

I went from having a list of 240 subscribers that had trickled in over maybe 14 months plus two small sales, to building a list of over 1543 subscribers in a week and making regular affiliate sales.I then went on to spent $135 US for 500 clicks and watched the opt ins just happen, within 24 hours I'd made a sale again and I was completely sold..

The joy and relief to finally break through the digital marketing famine, see sales happen and my list bursting with leads was immense..


So now let me run you through how you to can go about generating tremendous volumes of quality traffic, not to mention sales quickly, easily, cheaply & on auto pilot.

What is a Solo Ad Vendor?

Here's what google has to say..

A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor that has created a “list” of people they have collected. Put simply, some internet marketers will accept payment in exchange for sending an email you have written to their mailing list. To be clear, this is not the same thing as buying the mailing list itself.

This pretty much explains what a Solo Ad Vendors role is but with thousands of them out there and not all of them with integrity, sorting the wheat from the chaff is vital.

Step 1: How to research SOLO AD vendors: 

Facebook has lots of vendor, and if you google Solo Ad Vendors pages of names will come up, but how can you know which ones are worth investing you dollars in?

Before contacting any of them do some research-

*Check to see that they have a current active sales pages.

*Is there a photo or video of them on the sales page.

*Are there current testimonials that have realistic results (opt in rates are on average between 30%-50%)

*Do they over deliver?

Once you feel they tick those boxes, it's time to contact the vendor and ask some questions:

-Ask them if the can deliver a min of 80% Tier 1 traffic (tier 1 traffic is from English speaking countries)

-Do they have an in-house list? Not all list are made equal and depending on how they build them, the quality can definitely vary. Some vendors have brokered lists.

-Ask how much they charge per click for 200 clicks. (you shouldn't buy more than 200 clicks when testing a new vendor, if you are happy with the results you can scale up to 300 0r 400 clicks next time you order).

-Can they send your email swipe copy? It's important that you can. When vendors choose to write a swipe for you, you can almost guarantee they'll be overloaded with sales hype to get as many easy clicks from their subscribers. Your own swipe copy along with a congruent capture page means you control what your message is and how your business is represented (we'll cover swipe copy and congruency in steps 3 & 4) .


-How long will it take to deliver your clicks?  This should be no more than a few days. The best part here is, if you test them out you'll know just what quality leads you're getting within at-most 72 hours (the maximum amount of time it usually takes providers to complete clicks).

Have they promoted your product in the past?  This one really important. If you are promoting an affiliate product, make sure that no one else has promoted the same product with the same vendor at the same time. They should wait at least 30 days until they promote the same product again.

-Will they except a discount on their clicks? Normally the more clicks you buy, the cheaper they are per CPC (cost per click). You want to know their pricing model so you can negotiate good deals later on. Remember when negotiating, 20% off per click, usually they will meet you half way.

Never pay for clicks directly off their sales page, always send the negotiated payment via paypal.

Step 2: The 4 components to create an effective swipe copy 

1. Identify a pain in your target market, ie, need more income

2  Make a bold promise.. Like.. Make 'X' amount in X number of days

3 Use a 'Hook' - An enticement, the offer that catches their interest

4  Have a call to action - 'Click here for instant access'

Here's an example -

Swipe Copy

If you're sick and tired of spending more $$'s than you make, wasting your precious time, and constant struggling and juggling to survive… Pay attention, this is the most important e-mail you'll ever read… I'm about to reveal to you… The Simple System that took this humiliated and broke 48 year old woman from stuck, struggling and in debt, to making $1450 in her first month!… And see exactly how you can do the same! 

Click here for Instant Access

So let’s break it down..

You need to...

1  Identify a pain in your target market

'If you're sick and tired of spending more than you make, wasting hours of your time, and constant struggle…'


  1. Make a bold promise

'Pay attention, because this is the most important e-mail you'll ever read…'

  1. Get them with a hook

Because I'm about to reveal to you… The Simple 4-Step System that took this humiliated and broke 48 year old woman from stuck, struggling and in debt to making $1450 in her first month!… And see how you can do exactly the same!

  1. Now you want a call to action..

Click here for Instant Access Now

*As you can see in the above example, I have identified my target markets pain (make money online - MMO)

*I have made a bold promise telling them this is the most important email they will ever read.

*I hook them to take a look at what I have to offer, I'm about to reveal to them… The simple steps to..…

*Followed by with the call to action, selling the click... 'Click here for Instant Access Now'

Step 3: How to write effective swipe copy for your solo ad email

  1. Make sure your solo ad copy is congruent with your capture page, this will boost conversions and opt in rates. If you don't have congruent copy on your capture page the prospect will click off and not opt-in.
  2. To achieve this, you use the 'hook' from the solo ad copy in your capture page headline, as you can see in the below example.


Step 4: How to write effective swipe copy for your solo ad's congruency

With your capture page you need to track your campaigns so you can not only make sure you have been delivered what you have paid for but also when you repurchase you.


can analyse the data to see how consistent the results have been. Without tracking you are essentially buying blind.

You need to track..

  1. Unique clicks (UC - this is the number of clicks delivered)
  2. Actions and Opt-in rate (An action is when a prospect enters their email address and opts in, then the option rate will show the overall percentage of opt-ins.
  3. Traffic quality - (Filtered clicks will show how many bots and spiders were in the list & is why a vendor should over deliver clicks. You need to make sure you have been delivered a minimum of 80% Their 1 traffic)

Solo Ad Vendors Testimonials

Always check out any solo ad vendors by seeing if they have favourable testimonials on this Facebook page.. This page is useful


Solo Ad Vendors

You really want to build a list of between 40-50 vendors, here are a few to get you going (but do your homework, what might be good today, may not be tomorrow)





When using a vendor, you will need to track everything. You create your own link to your capture page. Click magick is a great platform for that. You can create your link and do your tracking from there

Here is a link to a 14 day free trial to get you started..


We hope this info gets you generating leads and ultimately, sales in no time at all, when you source good vendors and buy regular clicks, you will be amazed at how quickly your business gains momentum..

For in depth training in Solo Ads, The Solo Ad Success Formula is a going to take your business to the next level. Grab it now for $7..

To your very best success,



Stacey & Sim,


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