How I Attracted Everything on My Wish List & More!

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SURROUNDING YOURSELF IN INSPIRATION EVERYDAY!!!! The power to change your life is in your hands!   Just over a year ago I set myself the challenge of watching inspirational videos every day. I decided to blog on the videos I watched and share them hoping to inspire others to join[…]

If I Could Turn Back Time!

  If I could turn back time where would you go? Did you ever see ‘Back to the Future’? The one where actor Michael J. Fox uses a time machine to save his parents marriage? I’m telling you, if I had that Delorean and went back in time just like Marty McFly did I would set the coordinates to May 2007[…]

When You Wake Up to $1000 Commission

I absolutely love my business and helping people reach their financial goals. It’s absolutely heartwarming to help give people the tools and the guidance to create financial freedom. It’s just as sweet when your efforts pay off and you find a message like this.. Then you check your Ledger and find this   This was[…]

Do You Blame Yourself For Failing?

Do you have a burning desire to break out of the rut? To find a  path to time and financial freedom? I know the feeling well and can honestly say, until a few months ago I was beginning to feel it was a pipe dream. The frustration of joining an affiliate system that seems to have[…]

MOST Successful People Started Out by Failing…

Ever heard of failing forward? This is what we say when we realize that to get to success we must first learn the many invaluable lessons of failing. We are failing but still moving forward towards our visions and dreams.. Never be ashamed of past failures, it’s through failures that we grow, we appreciate and[…]