60 of Inspirational Videos – Day 1 – Bob Proctor

Imagine it, live it in your mind and let the next 60-day inspirational challenge take you to your dreams. I have decided to start a 60-day inspirational ‘challenge’ to see what 60 days of focused positivity can do. An enjoyable challenge I hope, one that will be uplifting and potentially life-changing. Wanna join me? I’d love[…]

90 Days of Inspiration – Day 37 – Lisa Nichols

From the moment I saw Lisa Nichols on The Secret I adored her. He energy, her passion, her warmth,  and sincerity came shining through. She has traveled far from those days and has recently released a new book called ‘Abundance Now.’ Lisa say’s it as it is, she strips away your indulgent ego fears and reminds[…]

90 Days of Inspirational Videos – Day 24 – Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale of ‘The Secret’ fame was once a homeless, penniless and completely broken author that struggled for years and years but just couldn’t make it. He believed he was never going to find success until one day when he decided to let go and forgive himself for his past.  He says that day changed[…]