The Power Lead System Review


I recently joined a new affiliate/online marketing platform called The Power Lead System to compliment The Super Affiliate Network (SAN), (another system I’m with). When I first joined I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about but I knew Ace and Rich Guzman were part of it and as they are six-figure earners and leaders in SAN, I knew it must be worth checking out.

I joined just weeks before my son’s wedding in August so life suddenly became insanely busy, I had no time to look at the new system or go through any of the training.

About a month ago though, I was able to get stuck in and look at what The Power Lead System was all about.

I was very impressed, it’s a dream for anyone in online marketing. The system is basically a collection of necessary tools any digital marketer will need, it has a built-in autoresponder, a ton of landing/squeeze/opt-in pages, sales pages, funnels, it has amazingly well-written emails to follow up on leads, up to 16 of them, not to mention already written seasonal messages, it has tracking facilities, domain purchasing facilities and UNBELIEVABLE training, anyone that wants to know how to make money online with either paid or free leads will get the very best here plus so much more.

I’m still discovering new features all the time.

As an affiliate, it offers a unique compensation plan that benefits you, those you sign up and your sponsors not just with commissions of individual products sold but on percentage of the total monthly sales of those you have sponsored and because the sign-up costs are very affordable, it’s very easy to earn a nice residual income.

Now that hasn’t explained how this unique system works so I will add a link below so you can check out exactly what I mean.

Why this system benefits any other marketing systems like The Super Affiliate Network, is that you can create funnels that lead to your primary business. On the front end you can promote The Power Lead System but have your sales funnel lead through to whatever your primary business is on the back end. If you don’t want to promote  PLS and just use the tools and funnels to promote your primary, you can.

You can do away with spending money on other autoresponders, funnel creating platforms and tracking platforms with this so as your monthly income increases, your monthly outgoings decrease! Nice eyy!

Within about 2 weeks of getting back into PLS I had already earned back every cent I’d invested in going all in! I’m in profit now and going through the extensive Fb training!

To better understand the power and commissions of The Power Lead System click this link

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