Thoughts Are Powerful Forces – John Kehoe


About a year ago I discovered an inspirational, motivational speaker called John Kehoe.

I listened to an audio of his and was completely uplifted, I did a blog post on him with the audio included, you can listen here

Last week I signed up for a 6-week course called  The Complete Mind Power Home Study Program – ONLINE!

Week by week you listen to an audio and then John sets you ‘homework’ to study for the next 7 days.

In week one we have been given the 6 Laws and among a few other things, we’ve been asked to focus and study them –

The 6 Laws by John Kehoe

1. Thoughts are real forces.

2. The mind is a sending and receiving station of thoughts.

3. The law of attraction.
Thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.

4. The law of control.
We are forever experiencing thoughts, but we have the ability to entertain those thoughts or dismiss them.

5. The law of assertion.
We can insert any thought into our mind.

6. The law of connection.
The inner and outer world is connected.

It’s been quite a revelation to experience shifts in the way your mind engages with thought once you start to understand how to take control.

I’m very early on in the course to know its full impact but I will update here at the end of the 6 weeks.

I love the quote above and maybe a year or so ago, wouldn’t have believed that by simply expecting the best, you could achieve it. Our thoughts, as law 1 states, are powerful forces indeed. In fact, I would go as far as to say, they are THE most powerful forces in our lives, and that has been my biggest revelation this week.

What we nurture and focus upon, returns to us. What we believe we are worth is what life reflects back. We are not separate to our circumstance, we are orchestrators of them but we are so caught up in all the drama of our lives that we can’t see we are the magnet, attracting all the drama.

Once we recognise that our thoughts have paved the way for our experiences, we can stop blaming others, stop feeling as though we are victims and most beautiful of all, we can become the magnet to the life we want to live, not the one we have slipped into by default.

Nothing can change our circumstances but us, if we’re waiting for someone else or something else to happen so we can live out our dreams, it ain’t gonna happen. Not unless we master how to control our thoughts. BUT the really REALLY exciting thing is, every single one of us can have our dream life once we recognise that we are indeed the creators of our experiences and we are the designers.

We can ‘weed’ out the thoughts that attract struggle, loss, heartache, disappointment, loneliness, poverty, ill health, and conflicts of all design and replace them with the energized thoughts of the life we want..

That completely simplifies the whole 6-week course, obviously, there are techniques, practices and lessons a plenty still to learn but tune in again next week for an update on how week two is going.





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