Tricking Yourself Into Wealth

Tricking Yourself into Wealth

Look at the income of your 5 closest friends and your income will be within the same range...
Have you heard or read that anywhere lately?
I've come across it a number of times over the past 12 months or so and pondered it often, for my circle of friends it's certainly true, we are all in a similar range, some more than others but none excessively more or less.

Another regular piece of advice from success and wealth gurus is to surround yourself with people whose income bracket is what you aspire to earn


So if this is true, if you attract friends of a similar earning bracket to yourself yet you know that one rather essential key to wealth is to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like, what do you do?

Is it time to ditch your friends and try schmoozing  in more affluent circles?
That seems not only rather mercenary , it's a much easier thing to say than to do. So how do you keep your friends but still aspire to attract tremendous wealth? I recall reading about Bob Proctor some years ago, if you've watched the movie 'The Secret', you'll have seen him. He lifted himself up and out of deep debt and far from his financial circle of influence by doing what so many very wealthy people have done. He got focused, no, he got passionate, even obsessed about creating wealth, and managed to use the influence of wealthy and successful people to do it, even though he didn't have access to them directly.
bob_proctor1He, like many of the worlds leading inspirational coaches studied those that have already found their way from hardship and struggle to tremendous wealth. They picked who they wanted to become their point of influence from motivational speakers that had already worked out how to make it happen then made their books or audios their passion, not just reading and listening once but repeatedly.

Les Brown is another example of a man that lived through decades of struggle but by studying the way wealthy people think and the habits they follow, he changed his life completely and has become one of today's most influential motivational speakers. One piece of advice he regularly gives is that you start your day, each day, by reading 30 pages of motivation.
If you have a smart phone it's even easier to build your dose of motivation into each day. Many motivational speakers have apps and podcasts that you can easily listen to whilst on your way to work in the morning.
If you go to our page FREE GIFT you will have access to two of the most influential motivational teachers in modern history Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattle's book to download, they are the forefathers of all of today's very best motivational teachers and a perfect way to get you started on your journey to tremendous wealth...








Napoleon Hill


Others you may like to check out are 

Tony Robbins

Jim Rohn

Zig Ziglar

Wayne Dyer

Robert Kiyosaki

Richard Branson

Brendon Burchard

Jack Canfield

These and many others have also got lots of You Tube videos, tuning in as often as you can to listen and learn will make them among your closest points of influence without having to reject your closest friends!

I really hope this inspires you to start turning your fortunes around, if you take action frequently and consistently, listen and follow the instructions and guidance's of those that have already figured out how to attract wealth, you're putting yourself in a place of exciting change.


Let me know if you have tried and succeeded and I'll keep you posted on how I go too.




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